Multi Colour Rugs

Add Colours to Your Floor with Multicoloured Rugs! 

The bright and beautiful multi-coloured rugs make a bold statement and they’re an ideal way of brightening up dull rooms and infusing your own personality into any space. Our rugs are stain-resistant, easy to clean and available in a range of sizes. Our multicolour outdoor rugs are so soft underfoot, it’s a complete surprise that they’re constructed completely from recycled plastic materials. Browse through our selection and order online for multicoloured rugs and get free delivery across the UK region! 

Multicolour Rugs 

Multicolour is a beautiful blend of various shades. These shades co-exist together and form a unique character. All colours are rolled into one beautiful entity. If you want to add the same unique character to your living spaces, then Multi Coloured Rugs can perform the task quite perfectly.

Whether placed in a living room or garden, these rugs look beautiful. Green Decore offers a range of multicolour rugs for living room, bedroom, dining room and outdoor spaces that are sure to bring a vibrant splash to your living spaces.

Our range of multi colour outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic materials. These rugs are both eco-friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, these rugs can be easily cleaned by wiping or hosing them off with water.

Our range of vernal washable multicolour rugs is made from the most advanced rug-making technology. These rugs are machine washable, durable, kid and pet friendly and feature an ant-slip backing for extra safety against slips and falls.

Multicoloured rugs are bold and bright tones that perfectly harmonise together. They bring bubbly colours into the floor area in a stylish design that will create an exciting lively space. Moreover, the rug’s vibrancy adds an extra freshness to the room.

So, whether you want a bright multi coloured rug with complimenting colour patterns or just a mash of random tones, Green Decore has a rug for you! Shop now from our online collection and decorate your living room, nursery room or garden with the colourful rugs!

With various multi colour rugs to choose from online, the perfect rug is waiting for you to find it!

Tips to decorate your home with Multicoloured Rugs

It might be scary to decorate with bold hues. Although it’s simple to combine neutrals with other neutrals, however, bright colours might be difficult to work with. This is why we are here to assist you!

Rugs are an excellent place to start, if you want to add bursts of colours to your home decor. Bright coloured rugs not only help you decide what colours to use in the rest of your area but they also provide various creative possibilities to create a great effect with little effort.

We provide multicoloured rugs for every aesthetic, from crazy vintage designs to classic Persian forms. Know these tips to decorate your home with multi coloured rugs.

  • Experiment with different tones
  • Maintain a minimalist aesthetic across the area
  • Add a splash of colour to a corridor
  • Coordinate with the walls
  • Adding colour to a small patio is a great way to make it feel more inviting

Sizes of Multicoloured Rugs

To add a splash of colour to a room, multicolour rugs are available in a variety of different sizes. From small multi colour rugs to large multi coloured rugs. Whether you are looking for a kitchen runner, multi coloured living room rug or garden rug, we have a wide assortment of indoor outdoor rugs to suit every size preference.

The Multicolour Washable Rugs are available in the following sizes:

In addition to this, our range of Multicolour Outdoor Rugs is available in the following sizes:

Popular Places for Multicoloured Rugs

While picking out the rug options, we always keep in mind the theme colour of our furniture or living spaces. Green Decore offers multicolour rugs that are visually appealing, and every rug has a perfect combination of colour schemes that are used to create the best rug to suit your home decor.

Let us discover popular places where multicoloured rugs thrive, both indoors and outdoors:


  • Multi coloured Rugs for Living Rooms
  • Adding a colourful living room rug is a great way to add vibrancy and personality to the room. Multicoloured rugs can be used to create a vibrant and modern look. Moreover, multi coloured living room rugs will add a bit of accent and flair to the floors and make the room look beautiful.

  • Multicoloured Rugs for Nursery Room
  • Multi coloured rugs look more beautiful when placed in nursery rooms. Nursery room rugs resemble the kid’s characters and match their energy. These rugs for nursery room are vibrant, bright and attractive, just like a kid’s personality.

  • Multicoloured Rugs for Bedroom
  • Multi coloured bedroom rugs enhance the liveliness of the room. If your room furniture is quite modern, you should go for the multicoloured bedroom rugs.


  • Multi coloured Rugs for Balcony
  • You can easily turn your balcony into a vibrant oasis with a multi coloured rug. Select a rug size from Green Decore that fits your space and complements your balcony decor. The rug on your balcony can add personality and create a cosy seating area for relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Multi coloured Rugs for Garden Area
  • Multi coloured garden rugs will add a touch of whimsy and colour. It will serve as a vibrant focal point, offering a comfortable spot to lounge or gather with friends and family.

  • Multicolour Rugs for Patios and Decks
  • Transform your outdoor living space into a captivating retreat by adding a multicoloured patio deck. Select patterns and colours that complement the natural surroundings and enhance the overall ambience of your patio and deck.

  • Multicoloured Rugs for Alfresco Setting
  • A large multi coloured rug in your alfresco setting will serve as the foundation, defining the space and adding a touch of personality. The vibrant hues of these rugs will make a bold statement in your outdoor dining area.

    To Conclude!

    Multicoloured rugs are a fantastic way to inject life, character and style into both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room, create a playful atmosphere in a playroom or transform your outdoor areas into vibrant retreats, multicoloured rugs offer endless possibilities. From bold and vibrant patterns to subtle and eclectic designs, we offer rugs that suit a variety of decor styles and preferences.

    Looking online for Multicoloured rugs in the UK? You’ve landed on the best platform! Green Decore offers a wide variety of multi coloured area rugs. We offer stylish and durable high-quality rugs. Explore the versatile world of multi coloured rugs from Green Decore and unleash your creativity to create unique and inviting spaces within your home and beyond. Browse our “Rugs By Colour” page and choose your favourite colour.

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