Green Rugs

If you’re looking to add a calm, healing and relaxing ambience to a room, choosing a green rug helps to establish a tranquil retreat space in your home.  Create an impression of wide, outdoor spaces, teaming your green rug with natural wood, neutral coloured walls and plenty of house plants.  These rugs, with their delicate, neutral shades will create an outdoor ambience in your home.  Our rugs are so soft and durable, that you’d never guess that they’re made from recycled plastic bottles.

Green Area Rugs

Green is a lovely colour that can help you get through the summer and into the winter by brightening up the interior of your home. Green comes in earthy, regal hues as well as brighter hues that provide a refreshing change of pace in your house. What are the best ways to make green rugs work for you?

Patterned green rugs are a fun way to change things up.

Green is a terrific colour to use to compliment and contrast other colours in your design. Green is a popular colour in the 'natural' colour pallet, which appeals to the human eye. As a result, it works well in a variety of colour schemes, including neutral creams, beige, and grey, as well as rooms with bolder hues.

Patterned green rugs are a good option if you like the gentle, delicate pastel shading of the colour wheel. As you might guess, there are a variety of options available, including'strong' designs like patchwork huge living room rugs. Choose an abstract green rug to put opposite the grey leather sofa in the living room or dining room for less pattern clarity.

The focus of attention

A rug is a versatile floor covering that may be used in a variety of settings. It can be a beautiful, soft addition or the centre of attention, adding texture and warmth underfoot. Choose a 'pattern' that is clearly supposed to stand out in addition to an amazing shade of green. A non-distinct pattern with no borders allows the room scheme to flow, while a vibrant printed rug serves as the focal point.

Take a three-pronged approach.

Successfully decorated and furnished rooms have a logic to them, which is aided in part by the placement of the furniture. It's crucial to consider how a green rug will'sit' in a room.

Thinking in terms of threes is effective. In the living room, for example, a green rug functioning as a platform and the third member of the group provides the room a solid sense, in addition to your sofa and reclaimed wood coffee table.

A magnificent traditional patterned green rug, combined with a modest armchair and side table in a reading corner of the master bedroom, for example, provides an instant picture – in other words, it is evident what the space is used for.

To Conclude!

It doesn't matter what colour rug you choose, it has to be the proper size. Measure the room and determine the largest rug it can accommodate, allowing a gap around it, before purchasing green rugs for your summer interior design scheme. Green Decore have a wide variety of Area Rugs, and you can use the filter options to reduce your options to something more precise than your current filter of “Green”.

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