The Green Decore Philosophy

In another 50 years we will exhaust all of our natural resources. At Green Decore we believe that high-end interior style need not cost the earth.

At Green Decore, we are all about sustainable living and in fact, we ensure that this is the driving force behind everything that we do.

What materials do we use?

Every time you buy a product from us, you can be assured of its durability.

We are continually committed to making progress in transforming into a sustainable growth company. All of our rugs are made from either recycled or sustainable materials like recycled plastic, wool, cotton and recycled sari silk.

We transform these materials into stylish, intuitive designer pieces, which add bright vibrancy and high-end style to any green décor. 

We have a strong focus on keeping our environment green, healthy and sustainable. 

Our forte, choice and designs

Even before we ventured into making fashionable outdoor home accessories, we were committed to the idea of reducing our carbon footprint on the environment in whatever we do. 

Perhaps that is why we are essentially about beautifying the world in an eco-friendly manner. Our material of choice: straws made from premium recycled plastic and recycled sari silk rugs made by skilled craftspeople.

Our rugs come in stylish, intuitive designs in bright, vibrant colours that will enhance any contemporary or traditional décor.

How do we do it?  

Green Decore rugs are constructed from an innovative weaving process which emphasises both quality and low maintenance, perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. These straws are tightly woven to offer strength, high-end design and beauty.