Kids' / Nursery Room Rugs

Our bright, fun-coloured rugs are the perfectly practical choice in kids’ rooms, nurseries and even playrooms!  They’re as soft and cuddly as wool, easy to wash and stain-resistant.  There’s a huge range of colours, designs and sizes, all available to order online for fast, free delivery.  Brighten up your kid’s room with one of these eco-friendly, water-resistant rugs woven from top quality materials, making them comfortable to sit and play on. 

£25.00 - £204.00
£25.00 - £204.00

Modern Rugs For Kids/Nursery Room.

Vibrant children's nursery rugs will liven up your playroom, nursery, or kids' room. An area rug provides a splash of colour and flair to their home, whether you're searching for quirky flower designs, geometric patterns, or plain gender-neutral colours. In a playroom, mats with animals, highways, or alphabet enable engaging learning activities, while stunning patterns make a bedroom a focus point. Define their zone in any room with childrens rugs made of high-quality fabrics, which are extremely comfortable to play on.

Playroom Rug- Comfort That Brings Happiness To Dreams!

Don't know where to begin? Allow your little (or big) child to choose the colours and patterns for their room, giving them a feeling of ownership. Brightly coloured carpets in yellow, pink, blue, or green go nicely with neutral wood furniture or white or grey-painted beds, dressers, and nightstands. Try a colourful playroom rug for kids with a geometric pattern or a whimsical design for a striking look. If you prefer the look of more colourful furnishings, opt for a more subdued hue or a solid colour kids' rug.

An interactive playroom rug doubles as a recreational background. A carpeted city scene gives a place for your child's imagination to go wild if they like vehicles or dolls. Alternatively, depending on your child's interests, explore various landscapes or flowers, such as nautical and space images, or animal-inspired patterns. Do you prefer a more subdued style? Make one using abstract or geometric designs to see what you can come up with. If your playroom acts as a gathering place for youngsters with various interests, this works nicely. If this is the case, choose a rug that is gender-neutral and that everyone can agree on. Add an indoor playhouse to encourage imaginative play among toddlers.

Nursery Rugs- Vibrant and Cosy Rugs For Your Lil Ones.

A rug in a nursery with a subdued colour palette provides a soothing environment for the new baby. Choose one that complements your current concept or décor. Light tones of yellow, blue, and green are gender-neutral colours that yet lend a pop of colour to the room. Combine these bright and adorable baby carpets with a neutral-colored crib, changing table, and dresser. Opt for a rug that combines a few gentle tones for something a little more daring. Try a light grey nursery carpeting with a texture that captures the eye if you wish to let the furnishings and crib blanket take centre stage.

Your child's bedroom or playroom will quickly seem more sophisticated with the addition of a rug. Plus, these childrens rugs will provide the floor a soft feel, which is ideal for babies starting to walk and young children who like playing on the floor. With so many styles to choose from in this collection, you're sure to discover one that you and your child will like.

To Conclude!

In addition to offering a luxurious touch to both hardwood and carpeted flooring, a rug can bring colour, pattern, and texture to your floors. Nursery rugs from Green Decore come in a variety of colours, textures, and designs to complement any environment. In fact, these children's rugs might be the perfect complement to your child's bedroom or playroom design. Shop from Green Decore for every home décor item. From Outdoor Rugs, Vernal Washable Rugs, Scented Candles, Decorative Planters, Luxury Mirrors, Decorative Trays and Candle Holders. We have everything you need for your living room, bedroom, dining room, garden and patio!