Grey Rugs

Exude elegance and luxury with Grey Rugs! 

Our grey rugs are versatile and an ideal choice to complement both bright and neutral colour schemes. Balancing international aesthetics and traditional tones, grey area rugs are considered timeless products for modern interiors. We offer a range of grey outdoor rugs and vernal machine washable rug options. Our rugs are available in a variety of designs, colours, sizes and patterns. Whether you need a grey runner rug for your hallway or kitchen or need a large washable rug for living room, bedroom or dining room, Green Decore has rugs for every decor and room. Complement a modern 21st century feel with our Grey Rugs! Order online from our UK website and get easy payment options with Klarna. Moreover, get free shipping and free returns across the UK. Shop now! 


Add Colour To Your Area With A Grey Rug! 

In colour psychology, grey is often associated with neutrality, balance and detachment. It is a calming and grounding colour, making it a popular choice for interior design, fashion and graphic design.  

You can incorporate grey in your interiors with the help of a grey rug. This colour of the rug would give a level of uniqueness to your rooms. Green Decore offers a wide assortment of grey-coloured rugs. It evokes feelings of warmth and richness, while also contributing to the overall decor of your home.  

Our assortment of rugs includes outdoor rugs and vernal machine washable rugs. For our eco-conscious customers, we offer recycled plastic outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs offered by Green Decore are durable, water-resistant, fade-resistant and weatherproof. Whether you need a rug for your garden, deck or patio, we have a rug for your outdoor space. And the added benefit of getting fully reversible rugs. Simply flip the rug and get a subtly different rug in no time.  

To beautify your indoor spaces don’t forget to check out our Vernal Washable Rug Collection. Our machine washable rugs are made from the most advanced rug-making technologies. It features an anti-slip backing for extra safety against slips and falls. Moreover, the rug is stain- and fade-resistant. Whether you wash it for the first time or for the hundredth time, the designs of the rug will not fade away.  

Tie a decor theme together with the different shades of grey rugs offered by us: 

  • Cool Grey: A shade of grey with a bluish tint, cool grey is a popular choice for creating a calming and soothing atmosphere in homes. Pair it with other shades of blue or green and create a harmonious colour scheme.  

  • Charcoal Grey: This is a dark and rich shade of grey. This colour creates a sense of sophistication and elegance. Moreover, it can be paired with warmer accent colours like red, orange or yellow to create a vibrant design.  

  • Ash Grey: It is a lighter shade of grey and has a subtle earthy undertone. It is a versatile colour that can be paired with a wide range of colours, including bright tones like yellow, pink or turquoise or more subdued tones like beige, navy or brown.   

These were some of the top shades of grey offered by the Green Decore UK website. Whatever your decor objective, we have the required rug.  

With several grey-coloured rugs to choose from, the perfect rug is waiting for you to find it! Buy now and get easy payment options with Klarna. Plus get free shipping and free returns across the UK! 

Why Should You Bring a Grey Area Rug to Your Home? 

Since grey-coloured rugs can be combined with existing furniture and new additions, we recommend bringing home a nice grey area rug that will draw notice because: 

  • A grey area rug is an excellent alternative if you’re buying on a budget. They’re a long-lasting, low-maintenance item with a ribbed look that prevents dirt from showing through.  

  • A grey hallway runner or kitchen runner is ideal for high-traffic areas  

  • If your foyer is on the bigger side, a sturdy grey-shaded rug with a subtle textural design is a good choice   

Patterns and Designs of Grey Rugs 

Whatever your design biases, we offer our customers a range of rug designs and patterns. 

From fun bohemian rugs, geometric rugs to striped rugs. You can choose from traditional Persian rugs to modern rugs

Create a stylish boutique look with a grey patterned rug. Try grey-on-grey to enhance the smart feel. You can also add a luxurious touch to your living spaces with a grey rug. Select a Persian grey rug and pair it up with contemporary furniture for a smart look that will be remembered by your guests for years to come.  

What Sizes Do Green Rugs Come In? 

Grey rugs are available in a variety of different sizes. Whether you are planning to purchase a runner for your entryway, living room or garden area, we have a wide assortment of indoor outdoor rugs to suit every decor need.  

Our Vernal Grey Washable Rugs are available in the following sizes:  

  • Grey Runner Rug (75 cm X 240 cm) 

  • Small Rug (120 cm X 180 cm) 

  • Medium Rug (150 cm X 210 cm) 

  • Large Washable Rug (200 cm X 300 cm) 

Our range of recycled plastic outdoor rugs is available in the following sizes:  

  • Small Outdoor Rug (90 cm X 150 cm) 

  • Medium Rug (120 cm X 180 cm) 

  • Medium Outdoor Rug (150 cm X 210 cm) 

  • Large Outdoor Rug (180 cm X 270 cm) 

  • Extra Large Outdoor Rug (240 cm X 300 cm) 

  • Extra Large Grey Outdoor Rug (270 cm X 360 cm) 


Where Should You Place Grey Rugs? 

No matter what room or outdoor space you’re looking to place a grey rug in, there’s an outdoor rug and vernal machine washable rug for every aesthetic: 

Machine Washable Rugs for Indoor Spaces 

  • Grey Rugs for Living Room 

If you have colourful furniture or decor, use a grey living room rug to create a nice, neutral background for your home. Grey shade complements a range of other colours also. From black to tan to white. You can also pair grey and black rugs together. Moreover, to achieve a relaxed, minimalist vibe, try pairing your grey rug with other neutrals like beige rug, brown rug or white rug.  

You can easily create a comfortable, serene space with a grey washable rug. For a modern space, complement your grey-coloured rug with a soft pink, dark blue rug or green rug. For a monochromatic look, pair your rug with several other shades of grey.  

A grey rug under the dining table defines the dining area and protects your flooring from furniture damage. A grey machine washable carpet help to easily clean up any spills or messes.  

In a nursery or playroom, our vernal grey rug adds a serene and gender-neutral backdrop. Playroom rugs in grey shade complement various nursery themes and provide a soft surface for playtime.  

  • Grey Runners for Kitchen 

You can create a chic, contemporary look in your kitchen, by simply placing a grey runner rug. Pair the rug with a marble countertop and grey kitchen cabinets for a classic monochromatic look. A kitchen runner rug adds comfort to your culinary space while also keeping your feet cosy during meal preparations.  

  • Grey Runners for Hallway 

Grey hallway runners add a touch of sophistication to hallways while protecting high-traffic areas. Select our vernal washable runner rug for easy maintenance.  

Outdoor Rugs for Outdoor Spaces 

Transform your garden into a comfortable outdoor living space by adding our grey garden rug. It is an excellent choice for creating a seating or lounging area.  

  • Grey Rugs for Patio 

Grey patio rugs provide a modern and polished look. It ties together your outdoor furniture and creates a cohesive design.  

  • Grey Rugs for Balcony 

If you have a balcony, a recycled grey balcony rug can make it feel like an extension of your indoor living space, hence adding comfort and style.  

  • Grey Rugs for Deck 

A grey deck rug helps define different zones and makes the outdoor area feel more inviting and put together. 

Which Colours Would Go Well With Grey Rugs? 

There are plenty of colours that would go with grey. Here, we’ll list some of the most popular colours that go well with grey carpets: 

  • Grey and Grey: Grey works beautifully with other shades of grey. Create a monochromatic look with different greys in one room.   

  • Grey and Cream, Beige or White: Create a fresh and modern look by pairing grey with either white, cream or beige rugs. It is a colour combination we cannot get enough of.   

  • Grey and Blue: Blue rugs and grey colour pairing is a match made in heaven. While pairing blue and grey, select shades with the same undertone. For instance, if you have a dark grey rug, pair it with dark blue curtains. The trick is to pair dark with dark and light with light. Moreover, you can layer grey rugs with blue rugs to create a relaxing interior.  

  • Grey and Yellow: Go for a bold colour combination with grey and yellow. The pairing of a mustard yellow rug with grey is extremely effective.  

  • Grey and Pink: Give off a welcoming and calm vibe by pairing light grey and baby pink. You can also go for blush pink and dark grey, which would look great in the living room. 


Hence, we can say that you can modify your living spaces with a grey rug. These rugs make your home look snug and comfy in addition to being a beautiful piece of art. 

Searching for Grey Rugs UK online? You’ve landed on the best platform! Green Decore is one of the best suppliers of rugs, both outdoor and vernal washable rugs. We offer a wide selection of grey area rugs in different patterns, sizes and designs. Invite a rug into your home with Green Decore that is exceptionally resilient, soft and easy to clean. Warmth, opulence and exquisite textures are just some of the attributes that our rugs offer.  

Don’t believe us? Buy a rug today from our UK website and enhance your living spaces. Order online from our online retail store and get easy payment options with Klarna. Remember that we offer free delivery across the UK on almost all orders over undefined. Plus, get free returns as well. So, order online for Area Rugs immediately and get them delivered for free!   

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