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The Terrestre Collection (Natural Rugs)

The Petrichor Collection ( All Purpose In-Outdoor Rugs)

Range of all purpose rugs made using durable recycled plastic fiber

Truly versatile rugs that are great for both Indoor and Outdoor uses. The rugs have a soft fabric feel and can be cleaned by water and mild soap. They are quite hand woven, durable  and low maintenance rugs.


A few words from our end customers

Having previously bought one of these rugs for outdoor use, it crossed my mind that with it being hard-wearing and easy to clean that it would be good for our porch where the dogs spend a lot of time. These are so much better for pets than ordinary rugs. You can wipe them clean and they don't collect hair or retain smells so it's much more hygienic than a standard rug. We bought this orange one and the colours are nice and vibrant. Being in the porch, the sun shines on it through a glass door for much of the day but there's no sign of fading. They must be tough as there is not yet any sign of wear, even though it gets a lot of use.

Emily H
Perfect for pets

I have my Washing machine and Tumble Dryer in the garage. Every time I take the clothes out they fall on the floor. Being a garage, bits of leaves and dirt always blows in. I wanted a rug that could be brushed, mopped and hosed down that would protect my clothes from landing on the floor. There are lots of rugs with plastic backing with a sponge down top. Really I cannot be bothered to sponge down a rug in the garage, life is too short to be messing around like that. I do not want to carry the hoover out there either! Everyone had these in the 60's or 70's but they are not that easy to get hold of now. It is just the job I would highly recommend.

Y. Peralta
A Rug I can Mop or Hose off!

Love this rug, we put it on our dull balcony and it brightened it up and made it look very stylish. Great quality, fab colour, great price!

Sarah from London
Fantastic rug, great colour, would buy again.

This arrived very promptly well ahead of estimated delivery time. The mat is very colourful and brightens a dark corner of the kitchen whilst picking out the brighter colours of the breakfasrt area. Haven't had it long enough to say how long it will last but seems fairly substantial and does have a certain softness underfoot:- also the dog's toes don't seem to catch in it. Like the idea of taking it outside & hosing it down when it gets grubby. I'm so impressed I've just ordered another one for the main kitchen area!

Very cheerful mat!

I love my new rug it looks great I love the colours. its wipe clean so its perfect for the kitchen and its made from recycled straws.its a nice size and a bargain too.

Kelly from hereford
fantastic product

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If you want to add the Wow Factor to your outdoor spaces, then why not consider investing in an outdoor rug or two? Just as indoor rugs add colour and style to your living spaces inside the house, outdoor area rugs can have a huge transformative effect on your outdoor spaces – lawns, barbecue areas, patios and decks. Our outdoor rugs are totally durable, designed to last and withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions like rain, hail, strong sunlight, mud and even snow.   The outdoor rugs are water/mould-resistant and easy to clean, offering both style and practicality.  They come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs and are fully reversible, offering two looks for the price of...

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