July 17, 2023

How to Pick a Living Room Rug Colour?

By Green Decore
How to Pick a Living Room Rug Colour?

Interior design plays a vital role in determining the feel of the home. Moreover, getting the right interior design is an overwhelming task. And when it comes to choosing rugs the task becomes more tedious as there are so many options.  

To create a harmonious and inviting living room, a living room rug would work the best. Rugs not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also offer comfort, warmth and acoustic insulation.   

As we all know a well-chosen rug can tie together various design elements and become a focal point in your living room.  

In this blog, we’ll guide you why are rugs important for living rooms and how to choose the right rug colour, ensuring your space exudes charm and style.  

Why are Living Room Rugs Important? 

Rugs for living room are essential for several reasons.  

  • They add a layer of comfort, making your space more cosy and inviting.  
  • They provide insulation, keeping your feet warm during colder months 
  • Moreover, they reduce noise levels, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your living area.  
  • They can define seating areas, visually separating them from the rest of the room 
  • Washable living room rugs can protect your flooring from spills and stains.  

Hence, we can say that with their versatile nature, rugs are an integral part of interior design. You can transform a plain floor into a stylish and functional living space with Vernal Washable Rugs 

We will now go through on how to choose rug colours for a living room. 

How to Choose Rug Colours 

  • Grey 

Grey is a timeless and versatile shade. Grey rugs complement various interior styles. Light grey rugs for living room create an airy and contemporary atmosphere. While darker shades of grey add a touch of sophistication. Grey rugs effortlessly blend with different colour palettes, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced and elegant look.  

  • Beige 

Beige is a classic and neutral hue. Beige rugs exude warmth and provide a soothing backdrop for your living room. Beige living room rug blends with various colour schemes and furniture styles. Moreover, they create a calming ambience and act as a canvas for accent colours or vibrant decor items. Beige rugs are perfect for those aiming to create a relaxed and timeless living space.  

  • Black 

If you want to give your living room a bold and dramatic look, black rugs are a must. These striking rugs serve as a visual anchor, drawing attention and creating contrast against lighter furniture and walls. Black rugs add a touch of modernity and elegance to your space. Pair black rugs for living room with vibrant colours or metallic accents for a chic and contemporary aesthetic.  

  • Taupe 

A subtle and sophisticated colour, taupe rugs offer a delicate balance between grey and beige. Taupe rugs bring warmth and texture to your living room, providing a harmonious backdrop for various decor styles. This versatile colour shade pairs well with both neutral and vibrant colour palettes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a refined and understated look.  

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In conclusion, selecting the right living room rug colour is a crucial step in creating a cohesive and visually pleasing space. By considering several factors, you can transform your living room into an inviting haven. And do remember to choose a high-quality option like the Vernal Washable Rug Collection. Buy now from our online store and get free shipping across the UK.