About Green Decore

Green Decore is a brand owned by Kusum & Laxmi Ltd registered in the UK.

Companies House Registeration No. 08452968 

Registered office address : 69 High Street, London, England, N14 6LD

United Kingdom VAT No. GB 167 4789 54

Germany            VAT No. DE 314 3409 28 

Netherlands       VAT No. NL 8258 76 564 B01


Office Locations

We are a Global Company with offices in

London, UK (Marketing and Sales Office) - EMEA Region

Atlanta, USA  (Marketing and Sales Office) - Americas Region

Noida, India  (Global Operations) - APAC region and other enquiries


Brand Websites and Delivery Locations 

www.greendecore.co.uk  ( Delivery Locations : UK Mainland and Islands)

www.greendecore.com    (Delivery Locations :  United States and Canada)

www.greendecore.de       (Delivery Locations :  Most European nations)

www.greendecore.com.au (Delivery Locations : Australia)


About Green Decore

We are your friendly, organic, green décor people specialising in eco-friendly rugs and other decorative home décor items that are elegant, ergonomic and robust - without costing the planet. 

You can easily incorporate your "need for Green" along with a "desire to decorate your home" by using our stylish, eco-friendly products.


We offer a unique variety of products as described below:

Outdoor Plastic Rugs

Our outdoor rugs will make any home look fabulous and stylish with their intuitive and bright designs.

Our outdoor rugs are woven from straws made of premium quality recycled plastic. Our rugs are fade, moisture and mildew resistant and lightweight. Due to their dramatic patterns and trend-setting hues, the lightweight rugs work wonderfully in high-traffic areas and hold up against heavy wear or activity. That's because they are constructed from an innovative weaving process which emphasises both quality and low maintenance. Perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.

The straws are tightly woven to offer strength, durability, dramatic style. The rugs are easily washable and can be cleaned with a garden hose or bucket and household soap.


The Petrichor Collection (In-Outdoor Rugs)

Our indoor outdoor rugs are versatile and can be used in most spaces in your house and outside.

The PET thread and yarn are made from recycled plastic bottles. The PET thread and yarn are handwoven to make the beautiful indoor outdoor rugs. These rugs are indistinguishable from wool kilims. We offer you a simple way to infuse fashion and style into your home and complete your space, addressing the hottest trends – and at no cost to your planet.


In addition to that we also sell Candles, Planters, Candle Holders and Trays.



In fact, the Daily Mail's You magazine featured our aspirational and inspirational eco friendly interior pieces - and they loved us! 

We were also featured in Country Living magazine in their Bright and Beautiful feature; which featured our very popular Nirvana yellow rug.


Our Mission 

Our mission is one that is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. 
-To provide the best home décor products that are environment friendly 
-To inspire optimism and happiness. 
-To create value and make a difference


Our Values

Reduce carbon footprint on the environment and beautify the world in eco-friendly manner.


Our customers

Our customers love us too!