Rugs By Colour

Make a Vibrant Statement with Colourful Rugs! 

Add personality to your living spaces with our lavish collection of colourful rugs. If you are pondering which colour will perfectly complement your decor theme, look no further. Here we’ll give you an assortment of colour options to choose from.  

Grey Rugs 

Grey Rugs are what you need to add that extra air of sophistication to your spaces. Make use of grey rugs to add neutral tones to your decor. They balance the decor aesthetics and complement a wide range of textures, patterns and colours. Browse through our extensive collection of grey rugs to bring warmth, depth and texture to your home. 

Green Rugs 

Green Rugs draw inspiration from the colours of nature. You can use patterned green rugs to change things up. Green Persian Rugs are sure to add a timeless and elegant vibe to any space. Go through our wide collection of green rugs to create a tranquil retreat in your areas. 

Cream Rugs 

Turn your ordinary house into a luxurious home with Cream Rugs. Associated with luxury, purity and elegance, cream-coloured rugs are a must-have for homes. Browse through our beautiful collection of this neutral rug and coordinate with every interior design trend.   

Black Rugs 

Black rugs will add lavishness to your space and instantly glam up the areas (whether indoors or outdoors). Black can be used as a subtle backdrop to add other colour tones or use the rug as a statement piece of its own. Keep the black rug in front of the fireplace and make it more attractive. Or you can place it on your patio for an elegant look on the outside. Choose from our collection of black rugs today!  

Blue Rugs 

Make use of blue rugs to add a cool and calming effect to your spaces. They can make an area look elegant and more comforting in an instant. Browse through our complete range of blue rugs. We also blue rugs in a variety of shades, from turquoise rugs to teal rugs. These shades of blue are sure to add a timeless and classy vibe to any space. 

Beige Rugs 

Beige Rugs are one of the most versatile home decor items to invest in. These rugs create a convivial and welcoming vibe that radiates elegance. These rugs create a neutral effect while also being cosy and plush. Go through our collection of beige, brown and taupe rugs and enjoy the soft feel of the rug for years to come. 

Orange Rugs 

Bring together the passion and joy to your spaces with Orange Rugs. You can incorporate orange rugs in various shades. Use rust or bronze shades to make your living spaces pop. Glance through our assortment of Orange Rugs to bring fiery energy to your areas. 

 Red Rugs 

Red rugs won’t let you down if you want yours to draw notice. These rugs are bold and stunning and are designed to impress. To make an environment feel opulent and romantic, choose from the selection of red rugs. Create a statement piece that will turn heads, from our extensive selection of stunning Red Rugs. 

Yellow Rugs 

Yellow rugs bring the perfect warmth and stylish looks to your floors. Whether you have contemporary home decor or traditional decor style, yellow rugs will refresh the aura while uplifting the mood. Bring the brightness of Sirius to your home with Yellow Rugs.   

Multicoloured Rugs 

Draw attention to an area with a Multicolour Rug. One of the simplest ways to show off your flair and enliven your room is to use multicoloured rugs. When in doubt, browse through our huge collection of multicoloured rugs and bring a variety of bubbly colours to your living areas.