Black Rugs

Make Your Living Spaces Classy with Black Rugs!  

Black Rugs are stunning in any environment and complement a wide range of decorating themes and shades. Whether you choose a geometric or an abstract black rug we have an exquisite range of black coloured rugs for both indoors and outdoors. Browse through the collection of black washable and outdoor rugs and buy your favourite rug today! 

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Black Indoor/Outdoor Designer Area Rugs

Black symbolises power, elegance and sophistication. It is a versatile colour and evokes several emotions. When it comes to choosing furniture for your room, black is undoubtedly the simplest and most fashionable option. The same applies to black runners, area rugs and outdoor rugs.

In addition to being stylish, black is also a practical colour. It hides the spills and dirt, making it the favourite rug shade for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, black area rugs can be easily styled with a range of prints, patterns, colours and furnishings. They’ve always been the homeowner’s favourite, as they can be used to draw attention to an area and highlight the decor.

Green Decore offers black rugs that can be used to easily transform your outdoor environment and indoor spaces. Recycled plastic outdoor rugs are often composed of sturdy and durable fabrics and are intended for long-term outdoor use. They are easier to maintain and clean. Black machine washable rugs are made from the most advanced rug-making technology and are robust to withstand daily wear and tear.

Choose from the online range of appealing alternatives in a selection of common sizes and choose your favourite black shade.

Shop online and add flair to your space with one of our Black Rugs! We offer free delivery across the UK region. Buy now!

What Sizes Are Available in Black Rugs?

Green Decore offers black rugs in a variety of sizes.

Black Outdoor Rug Collection is available in the following sizes:

  • 90 cm X 150 cm (Small Outdoor Rugs)

  • 120 cm X 180 cm (Medium size Rugs)

  • 150 cm X 240 cm (Medium size Rugs)

  • 180 cm X 270 cm (Large Outdoor Rugs)

  • 240 cm X 300 cm (Extra large outdoor Rugs)

  • 270 cm X 360 cm (Extra large Rugs)

Moreover, the Vernal Black Machine Washable Rugs are available in the following rug sizes:

  • 75 cm X 240 cm (Black runner rugs)

  • 120 cm X 180 cm (Medium rug)

  • 150 cm X 210 cm (Medium rug)

  • 200 cm X 300 cm (Large Rug)

Where Can You Place Black Rugs?

Regardless of where you place your black rug, it will add depth and style to your indoor and/or outdoor living spaces.

Rugs for Indoor Spaces:

  • Black Rugs for Living Room

Add boldness and elegance to your living room with a black living room rug. Use the rug with other black accents for a classy look or with contrasting colours, like white or brown furniture. For a truly trending look, pair your black rug for living room with other splashes of colour.

  • Black Rugs for Dining Room

A dining room rug makes the space feel more inviting and elevated. To dress up your dining spaces, use a black dining room rug. It will be perfect for all occasions. Place it below the white dining table for a refined look.

  • Black Rugs for Bedroom

For a calm, relaxed and cosy vibe try a black bedroom rug. For your king or queen size bedroom, use a large black rug under your bed.

  • Black Runner Rugs for Hallways, Kitchen and Entryway

Place a glamorous black runner in your hallway, kitchen or entryway. Welcome your guests with black runners. Black runner rug works well in high-traffic areas and will not show dirt as easily. Long black runners work wonders for hallways.

Rugs for Outdoor Spaces:

  • Black Rugs for Patio

Black patio rugs are a great choice for outdoor spaces. This is because black patio rugs stand out against all the surrounding greenery. They also elevate the outdoor spaces for outdoor entertaining. 

  • Black Rugs for Garden Area

Black garden rugs are an important part of a garden area. These rugs help protect the flooring and provide comfort to barefoot family members and guests. Place a black garden rug with the lush greenery and enhance the beauty of your garden.

What Patterns and Styles Are Offered for Black Rugs?

Our black coloured rugs come in an assortment of patterns and styles. You can add simplicity and elegance to your living spaces by using our black geometric rug or black striped rug. Elevate your space with our best-selling rugs in black in modern and minimalist designs. From plain black stripes to abstract designs, we have a black area rug for every space.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Black Rug

Look at these points before purchasing your perfect black rug online:

  • Size

Choose the size of the rug that will enhance your indoor and/or outdoor spaces. Green Decore sells black outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes. From small size rugs (90 cm X 150 cm) to medium size outdoor rugs (120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 240 cm) and large size black patio rugs (180 cm X 270 cm) to extra large size outdoor rugs (240 cm X 300 cm and 270 cm X 360 cm).

We also offer a range of Vernal black machine washable rugs. Their sizes include 75 cm X 240 cm (Black Runner Rug), 120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 210 cm (Medium size washable rug) and 200 cm X 300 cm (Large Black Rug).

  • Material

Choose your rug from a choice of materials. Green Decore understands that various people have varied ideas about what defines exceptional rugs. Our outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic materials. Whereas the vernal machine washable indoor rug collection is made from durable materials.

  • Budget

Rugs are available in different price slabs. We have a wide selection of black indoor rugs and black outdoor rugs that will fit into every financial plan. If you’re looking for a good deal, we have dozens of space-saving choices that will not break the bank. And what if you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors? Green Decore has a plethora of eye-catching, stunning black rugs to choose from.

To Conclude! 

Looking online for Black Rugs in the UK? You’ve landed on the best platform! Green Decore’s black indoor and outdoor rugs are made of high-quality, long-lasting material and will give your patio a dramatic new look. These lovely comforters will offer a new level of flair to your living spaces.

Green Decore is the perfect place for buying black rugs online. We offer a lush range of area rugs. You can also use the filter options to reduce your options to something more precise than your current filter or “Black”. 

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