Brown Rugs

The rich, earthy tones of a brown rug will bring a natural feeling into your home.  Our brown rugs provide a subtle way of adding a touch of colour to neutral interiors and look amazing when teamed with off-white walls and furnishings in light blues, teals and greens.  These rugs are as soft as traditional wool rugs, but are water- and stain-resistant, easy to clean and made entirely from recycled plastics.  It’s an ideal and practical way to add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Style Your Home With Stylish Brown Rugs!

Brown is made up of the three main colours: red, yellow, and blue. It's a serious, down-to-earth colour with a lot of depth. This colour is welcoming, kind, and inviting, and it instils a sense of peace in the wearer. It is reassuring and provides a sense of security.

Brown enables the other colours around it to shine, improving its surroundings, because it is a colour that does not seek attention and prefers to stay in the background. Lighter browns, particularly tan, taupe, and beige, make excellent backgrounds, enhancing the richness and brightness of complementing colours. Light brown is less risky than white or ivory, but it has a greater effect.

Brown, which is often linked with fall and winter, may convey a sense of refinement and elegance depending on the context. A brown designer rug, for example, might look fashionable and refined when paired with delicate white or ivory décor. When opposed to the boldness of black and white, this colour combination is more relaxed.

The right blend of modern and classic style is created by dark wood furniture and brushed nickel accents mixed with brown rug. When matched with clean, white woodwork, it adds sophistication to a neutral space. Layering neutrals may make the green pop, whereas a brown floor mat with green is generally earthy.

To Conclude!

Brown is also a very versatile colour. It complements beachy blues and greens as well as dramatic jewel tones. Brown looks great when paired with brighter, stronger accent colours and brought to life by patterns. The secret to success in furniture is to blend patterns.

Decorating with brown colour is not at all boring. It is a warm, soothing colour that makes other colours pop. Brown rugs seem smart, elegant, modern, or classic when matched with particular features and décor. Browse our luxury brown rug selection at Green Decore UK website and buy the one that suits all your requirements. Shop now to avail great discounts on your product.