Blue Rugs

Dive into the Sea of Calmness with Blue Rugs! 

Harness the colour of sunny skies and warm seas to add a summer feel to your home all year round with blue rugs. Our collection of blue rugs consists of a variety of designs, mixing classic and contemporary trends so that there’s something to suit every taste and every home. Our blue outdoor rugs are so soft that you will find it hard to believe that they are made from recycled material. Our vernal blue machine washable rugs are hard-wearing and robust. So, why not check out the entire collection and shop online for your favourite rug?  


Blue Rugs 

The blue shade represents both the sky and the sea. It represents freedom, imagination, depth and trust and is an extremely versatile colour.  

Same way blue rugs add a soothing colour to rooms and can be used for a variety of purposes in the home. One can be used to divide one section of a large space from another, as well as to create a seating or dining area.  

Green Decore has an extensive collection of blue rugs that are suitable for every space. Made from the most advanced rug-making technology, our vernal washable rugs are perfect for a busy lifestyle. They are durable, robust and kid and pet friendly. In addition to this, these rugs have an anti-slip backing for extra safety towards slips and fall. Place your washable indoor rugs in the living room, dining room or bedroom and enhance the beauty of the space.  

Our other rug collection: The Outdoor Rugs are made from recycled plastic materials. These recycled plastic rugs are perfect for gardens, decks and patios. Furthermore, our outdoor patio rugs are fully reversible. Hence, you get two different looks at the price of one. Just flip the rug and get a subtly different look. 

Since there are different places to keep the rug, we have different shades of blue rugs. So, whatever you are planning to achieve, we have a shade that is perfect for you: 

Let’s explore some popular shades of blue offered by us:  

  • Navy Blue: Navy blue is a deep and rich shade that is often associated with the ocean. Known for their sophistication and elegance, navy blue rugs will emphasise lines and shapes and bring out bright colours.  

  • Turquoise Blue: It is a bright and refreshing shade that is reminiscent of the sea. It is a colour that is known for its calming and soothing qualities. Turquoise rugs can pop against neutral furniture, like cream, grey, white or brown living room furniture.  

  • Light Blue: This colour promotes a sense of peace and relaxation. Light blue rugs are an ideal choice for bedrooms where you want to create a calm and peaceful environment.  

  • Dark Blue: This shade has a more formal and sophisticated feel. You can offset the shades of the dark blue rug by using neutral colours like grey, white and beige. You can also pair it up with complementary bold colours like orange, red and yellow.  

These were some of the top shades of blue offered by Green Decore. Whatever your decor objective, we have the required rug.  

With several blue-coloured rugs to choose from, the perfect rug is waiting for you to find it! 


What Sizes Does Green Decore Offer? 

Create a serene atmosphere in your home with these blue shade rugs. Our stunning range of blue indoor and outdoor rugs comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  

Our range of blue recycled plastic outdoor rugs is available in the following sizes:  

  • Small Outdoor Rug (90 cm X 150 cm) 

  • Medium Outdoor Rug (120 cm X 180 cm)  

  • Medium Outdoor Rug (150 cm X 210 cm) 

  • Large Outdoor Rug (180 cm X 270 cm) 

  • Extra large Outdoor Rug (240 cm X 300 cm) 

  • Extra large Outdoor Rug (270 cm X 360 cm) 

Moreover, our Vernal Collection of Blue Washable Rugs is available in the following sizes:  


What factors decide if a blue rug will complement a particular colour scheme? 

Blue is a versatile shade and can be paired very easily. Pair it well with a variety of neutrals like beige, white, black and grey. Try pairing the carpet with different shades of blue to create a soothing monochromatic palette.  

To create a contrasting effect in your living spaces you can try pairing your rug with shades of orange. It can also be paired with greens and purples.  

If you want to add interest to your living areas, you can mix different textures and patterns of a blue area rug.  


What Patterns and Styles Are Added to Blue Rugs? 

Whatever your style, we have a rug for you! Our washable rug in blue are available in a variety of rug styles. From Modern Abstract Rugs to Traditional Persian Rugs, we have a vernal machine washable indoor rug that will add a fresh breeze to your indoor living spaces.  

Create a relaxed yet elegant space with a striped rug in your beach-inspired home. Go for a geometric rug if you have a contemporary decor theme.  


Where Should You Place Your Blue Rug? 

Blue is a versatile shade and can work with a wide variety of aesthetics and decor styles. With Green Decor you’ll have a blue area rug that fits well in any of your living spaces.  

Machine Washable Rugs for Indoor Spaces 

Add colour and style to your living room by placing a blue living room rug. Incorporate a vibrant living room rug or a statement-making colour combination like a light blue and cream rug. These combinations will work well with neutral furniture. Make your living room stand out by choosing a rug size that will allow you to keep all your furniture on top of the rug.  

Make your dining room stand out from the rest of your space by adding a dining room rug. Use a Persian rug to add traditionalism and contrast to your contemporary home decor. A blue and cream rug will provide a subtle and understated look. A light blue and grey rug will make more of a bold statement.  

Blue shades add a sense of calm and peacefulness to your space, thereby making it a great choice for the bedroom. Use a blue bedroom rug depending on your bed size. Place the blue carpet beneath your bed and sense the soft texture of our Vernal Rug when you place your feet on the rug.  

Blue rugs in nurseries create a tranquil environment. They are perfect for your little one’s relaxation and sleep. A light blue rug will work wonders in promoting a sense of calmness. Place your blue nursery rug under the crib to create a cosy and comfortable space for your little one.  

Blue rugs in kitchen bring a refreshing and invigorating touch to the space. Whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen, blue kitchen rugs elevate the overall aesthetic and make a bold statement. You can also buy online kitchen runners for smaller spaces.  If you have an open-concept kitchen, a large blue rug can act as a centrepiece, defining the sitting area within the space. This adds character to the room.  

Outdoor Rugs for Outdoor Spaces 

  • Blue Rugs for Patio 

Blue patio rugs promote a sense of serenity and play off the surrounding natural elements. You can pair the teal blue and white rug with neutral furniture to let the rug be the focal point. If you want to make a bold statement, a dark blue and grey rug for patio will suit you.  

  • Blue Rugs for Garden 

Blue rugs in gardens effortlessly blend with the natural surroundings, creating a peaceful and serene outdoor retreat. Pairing blue garden rugs with vibrant green foliage creates a visually stunning contrast. This combination evokes a harmonious and refreshing feel, adding depth and beauty to your garden.  

  • Blue Rugs for Deck 

Blue rugs on decks evoke a coastal or beachy atmosphere, reminiscent of a seaside escape. Place your rug in blue in your deck’s lounge area, adorned with comfortable outdoor seating, cushions and accent tables. Pairing blue deck rugs with natural wood tones, like teak or cedar, creates a harmonious and organic look.   


To Conclude! 

You can have the nicest blue rug on your floor by shopping online with us! If you are looking for Blue Area Rugs online or Blue Rugs UK, you’ve landed on the best platform! Green Decore has a variety of selections that are guaranteed to please even the most discerning buyer.  

We have different shades of blue to spice up your floor. Our shades of blue range from delicate light blue to true blue and navy rugs. You can look through the complete Green Decore collection of blue rugs. In addition to this, we have a wide variety of area rug styles and you can also use the filter choices to reduce your options to something more precise than your current filter of “Blue”.  

You can shop from Green Decore for stylish and stunning rugs. From Outdoor Rugs, Vernal Machine Washable Rugs and Vernal Washable Runners. We have everything you need for your living room, bedroom, dining room, garden and patio! Check out our online selections today!  Buy now and get free delivery across the UK!