Striped Rugs

Our fab assortment of striped rugs offers a variety of colours and sizes, with modern patterns which look great in a neutral environment and work really well on wood flooring, including laminate flooring which has been a popular trend in recent years in the UK.  Our rugs are stain-resistant and easy to clean – they’re made from recycled plastics, PET fibres, and jute.

Striped Area Rugs

Striped rugs add warmth to a space and are best used as focal points. They go with almost everything, however a little attention to your present décor is helpful. Green Decore provides a wide selection of rugs that will look great in every room of your home. You have a lot of alternatives because they come in a range of designs and colours. Many individuals are unaware of the subtleties of striped rugs.

How to know which striped rug is best for your space?

Examine the current colours and furniture of your room. If you have dark wood furniture or bright hues, a dark-hued item will look great. A lighter coloured rug, on the other hand, might seal the deal if your layout has minimalist, industrial furniture or a lot of cold hues.

Sparse décor and modern layouts look best with large, thin rugs, but heavy furniture looks better with thick pile rugs. However, mixing things up and having a huge centrepiece rug in a minimally furnished room may be entertaining. You are, as always, the greatest judge of your surroundings.

To Conclude!

Striped rugs, whether multicoloured and wacky or ultra-modern, make a bold statement in any room. Green Decore is here to help you locate a piece that perfectly compliments your home's textures and feel, no matter what they are.

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