Yellow Rugs

Enliven Your Spaces With Yellow Rugs!  

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, lifting moods and brightening up any area of your home. Green Decore offers gorgeous yellow rugs that add a sense of warmth and make you reminiscent of sandy beaches and summer days. Our range of outdoor rugs and machine washable rugs is sure to beautify your homes. We offer yellow rugs in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra-large so that you can bring sunshine to your home!  

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Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Designer Area Rugs!

The yellow shade is often associated with brightness and vibrancy. It brings happiness and hope. Using this shade in your home will make it look bright and cheerful.  

A homeowner can define any outdoor or indoor living space in a variety of ways. This is where a quality-crafted rug comes in. Green Decore has a wide assortment of yellow washable and outdoor rugs that will bring the perfect warmth and stylish looks to your floors.  

Our rugs have low pile heights and are appropriate for floor heating. The Vernal Yellow Machine Washable Rugs come with anti-slip backing for extra safety. Moreover, they are made from the most advanced rug-making technology and are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, our yellow outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic materials. These rugs are both eco-friendly and sustainable.  

The yellow shade is everyone’s favourite as they blend in with the already present vivid hues. With so many different shades to select from, it is simple to put together a coherent aesthetic to keep your feet warm and comfortable.  

We have a vivid collection of yellow area rugs that are suitable for every space. So, whatever your favourite shade of yellow is, we have a tone that will perfectly suit your taste.  

Let’s explore the popular yellow shades: 

  • Lemon Yellow: Since it is a bright and cheerful shade, it is often associated with freshness and vitality. It is a colour known for its uplifting qualities, making it a popular choice for kitchen decor and summer fashion.  

  • Pale Yellow: Pale yellow is a soft and delicate shade, often associated with springtime and a new beginning. Known for its calming and soothing qualities, it is a popular choice for outdoor living spaces.  

  • Golden Yellow: Golden yellow is a rich and warm shade, reminiscent of the sun. It is a colour that is known for its association with wealth and abundance, making it a popular choice for interiors.  

These were some of the top shades of yellow that we offer. We offer lots of choices when it comes to style, utility and size. Spruce up your living spaces with yellow area rugs today!  


What Sizes Are Available in Yellow Rugs?  

The yellow shade is the perfect choice for adding a bright pop of colour to your home. Our eye-catching range of yellow rugs comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  

Our range of vernal washable rug sizes includes: 

  • Yellow runner rugs (75 cm X 240 cm)  

  • Medium size Machine Washable Rugs (120 cm X 180 cm) 

  • Medium Rugs (150 cm X 210 cm) 

  • Large Rugs (200 cm X 300 cm)  

We also have a range of outdoor rugs in various sizes: 

  • Small Yellow Outdoor Rugs (90 cm X 150 cm) 

  • Medium Size Outdoor Rugs (120 cm X 180 cm 

  • Medium Outdoor Rugs (150 cm X 240 cm) 

  • Large Yellow Rugs (180 cm X 270 cm) 

  • Extra large outdoor rugs (240 cm X 300 cm 

  • Extra Large Outdoor Rugs (270 cm X 360 cm) 


Where Can You Place Yellow Rugs?  

Since yellow is associated with enlightenment and intellect, the positive vibes of these rugs will add optimism and decisiveness to living spaces. 

Washable Rugs for Indoor Spaces 

  • Yellow Rugs for Living Rooms: While selecting a yellow living room rug, consider the colours of the room. For a relaxed look, pair your yellow living room rug with neutrals like cream, brown and grey. To create a modern and dramatic vibe in your living room, go with bold colours like black, green or teal.  

  • Yellow Rugs for Kitchen: Brighten up your kitchen spaces with yellow kitchen rugs. A yellow runner will make your kitchen warm and cheerful all year round. For an added air of sophistication, pair the yellow kitchen rug with white or other neutral shades. 

  • Yellow Rugs for Bedroom: Create a more soothing and restful environment with a yellow bedroom rug. Pair it with a neutral colour combination for a comforting vibe in your bedroom.  

  • Yellow Rugs for Nursery: A yellow nursery rug will brighten up your child’s space. Anything will work when it comes to patterns in the nursery, so have fun with it. Make a statement with yellow kids/ nursery room rug

Outdoor Rugs for Outdoor Spaces 

  • Yellow Rugs for Patio: Yellow complements greens and placing your yellow patio rugs will further enhance its beauty. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, the practical advantage of these outdoor rugs is that they cover floor damage.  

  • Yellow Rugs for Garden: Yellow rugs can transform your garden into a cheerful oasis. Whether you have a spacious garden or a cosy courtyard, a yellow garden rug can brighten up the surroundings and create an inviting atmosphere.  

  • Yellow Rugs for Deck: Elevate the style and visual appeal of your deck with a yellow deck rug. It will make a vibrant and welcoming area for gatherings, barbecues or simply unwinding. A yellow deck rug will add a pop of colour to the neutral tones of the deck and create a lively ambience that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.  

What Patterns and Styles are Available in Yellow Rugs?  

Our rugs come in a wide selection of patterns and styles. You can add both minimalism and fun to your living spaces by using our Geometric Yellow Rugs. Improve the look of your living areas with one of our popular yellow Persian rugs in a traditional and classy style. We offer a rug for every space, keeping in mind every decor theme, be it bohemian or modern style.   


How To Choose a Yellow Rug 

Here are some tips that will help you choose the ideal yellow rug for indoor and outdoor living spaces.  

  • Style 

Regardless of your interior design preferences, we have a rug for you. Choose a geometric rug for a contemporary appearance. A yellow Persian rug will look great if you love traditional designs. For casual decor, go for an abstractly designed rug.  

  • Colour 

To make a bold statement in your living spaces, choose a bright shade of yellow. It will make the rug the focal point of the room. For a subtle look, go for a pale-yellow rug or a combination of a grey and yellow rug. This rug pair will be neutral and will suit a wider variety of colours in the space.  

  • Size 

Vivify your living room with a large yellow rug. A yellow runner rug will look great in kitchens and hallways. In the dining room, you can try placing an extra large size rug.  


To Conclude! 

Looking for Yellow Rugs in the UK region? You’ve landed on the best platform! Green Decore’s yellow vernal washable and outdoor rugs will help to create a focal point in your room. These rugs will embellish your living spaces with their positive vibe.  

Green Decore offers yellow rugs in different textures and sizes to tie together your look, whether that be in the hallway or through an entire room. Our selection of high-quality yellow rugs will bring comfort and colour to any room in your home. 

Shop from Green Decore for every home decor item. From Outdoor Rugs, Vernal Washable Rugs and Washable Runners. We have everything you need for your living room, bedroom, dining room, garden and patio!