120 cm x 180 cm (4 ft x 6 ft) Medium Size Rugs

Medium Outdoor Rugs for Your Outdoor Space! 

Medium outdoor rugs, which come in every design imaginable, add colour, protection, and customization to your space. Read our guide before you buy to find out more about the materials and placement ideas.  

Best Materials for Outdoor Rugs!

Unlike indoor rugs, outdoor rugs are often constructed of durable materials that can withstand weather changes and withstand stains and fading. Green Decore medium outdoor rugs are made of recycled plastic making them eco-friendly and sustainable. All the outdoor rugs available at Green Decore ensure longevity and durability making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas like outdoor dining, deck and more.

These rugs can withstand high moisture levels and heavy foot traffic and are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and won't fade from sun exposure. These rugs are more reasonably priced and have the same feel underfoot as any other rug.

Medium Outdoor Rugs- Placement!

Outdoor area rugs are just as practical and fashionable as indoor rugs. The ideal location for your medium outdoor rugs is one that can accommodate both. Put your rug in front of a dining table or in a porch to draw attention to the location. Under a grouping of furniture is another place for your rug to be placed; this will both prevent scratches on the floor’s surface and identify the collection as a single, unified area.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Rug Size for Your Space!

When deciding on the size of your rug, consider the size of your outdoor space. The main area of your outdoor dining area should be covered if you select a medium outdoor rug. A 120 x 180 cm (4 x 6 ft) Medium Size Rugs will do the job well.

If it's positioned beneath a dining table, you must be able to remove all the chairs while having the legs stay on the rug. Medium-sized outdoor rugs can be used to create a variety of patterns, specify a style, and even demarcate spaces.

Try using 120cm x 180cm (4ft x 6ft) rugs in areas like porch, dining area to accentuate the space.

Our medium outdoor rugs are available in several amazing designs and styles including Modern, Geometric, Striped, Transitional & Solid/Tonal.

Green Decore Medium Outdoor Rugs!

Our medium area rugs are available in various colours including Grey/white, Black/white, Navy blue/white, Yellow/white and more. Apart from medium outdoor rugs, we also have small outdoor rugs , Medium outdoor rugs , large outdoor rugs & extra-large outdoor rugs

Green Decore is the place to go if you're seeking medium-sized eco-friendly outdoor rugs for your outdoor space, or any other area. Pick the area rug that best suits your needs from the wonderful and high-quality selection. All our outdoor rugs are sustainable and environmentally friendly since they are produced from recycled plastic. To get the best discounts and offers on the chosen items, shop online today.