90 cm x 150 cm (3 ft x 5 ft) Small Size Rugs

Give Your Tiny Space a New Look with Small Outdoor Rugs! 

The design of your deck or patio should be taken into consideration while choosing the appropriate size for your outdoor carpeting. 
A 90 cm by 150 cm (3 ft x 5 ft) small area rug may fit nicely in a small area. This will add a splash of colour and act as a way to welcome people into your house. 

Small Outdoor Rugs for Garden, Porch, Patio & More!

An outdoor rug is a need when it comes to designing the ideal outdoor leisure area. They're ideal for adding colour and cosiness to your environment, and they significantly contribute to making your outdoor spaces seem just as comfortable and fashionable as those inside. When laying out a garden patio rug , size is among the most crucial details to do correctly. The improper size of garden patio rug will make the entire area out of balance, just like with inside rugs. Here, we'll show you which size rug is ideal for your space, whether it's a patio, a small balcony, or an outdoor dining area.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Rug Size for Small Spaces!

Depending on how your furniture is arranged and how big the room is, you have many options for selecting the ideal outdoor rug size for living and sitting spaces.

We advise choosing a rug that merely frames your coffee table and doesn't sit beneath any of the legs of the furniture for smaller spaces or those on a tighter budget. Picture spaces with a tiny loveseat, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table. A 90 x 150 cm (3 x 5 ft) rug will do the task wonderfully!

Finally, just because the space outside is small, doesn't mean you shouldn't put out a rug! A modest rug can bring elegance and personality to small areas without taking up important floor space.

Try 90 by 150 cm (3 x 5 ft) rugs in areas that are too tiny for anything other than a loveseat with a small table or pouffe. No room is too tiny for a rug.

Our small outdoor rugs are available in several amazing designs and styles including Modern, Geometric, Striped, Transitional & Solid/Tonal.

Our Small area rugs are available in various colours including Grey/white, Black/white, Navy blue/white and more. Apart from small outdoor rugs, we also have Medium outdoor rugs , large outdoor rugs & extra-large outdoor rugs

To Conclude!

If you are looking for eco-friendly small outdoor rugs/ extra small outdoor rugs for your deck, patio or any other space then Green Decore is just the place for you. Browse through the collection of amazing and high-quality small area rugs and pick the one that best matches your needs. All our outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic making them eco-friendly and sustainable. Shop online today to get the best deals and offers on the selected products.