150 cm x 240 cm (5ft x 8ft) Medium Size Rugs

Medium Outdoor Rugs for Your Outdoor Space! 

Add a pop of colour to your outdoor space with medium outdoor rugs, which are available in every style conceivable. To learn more about how and where to place the rugs, keep on reading. 

Best Materials for Outdoor Rugs!

Outdoor rugs , in contrast to indoor rugs , are often made of sturdy materials that can survive weather changes as well as stains and fading. The medium outdoor rugs from Green Decore are eco-friendly and long-lasting since they are made of recycled plastic. The lifespan and durability of each outdoor rug offered by Green Decore makes them the perfect option for high traffic locations including outdoor dining areas, decks, and more.

These rugs are stain-resistant, simple to clean, and won't fade from exposure to the sun. They can handle high moisture levels and strong foot activity. These rugs feel the same underfoot as any other rug and are quite affordable as well.

Positioning of Medium Outdoor Rugs!

Area rugs for outdoors are equally as useful and stylish as rugs for indoors. A place that can handle both is great for your medium outdoor rugs. To bring attention to the location, place your rug in front of a dining table or on a porch. Another location for your rug is below a gathering of furniture; this will shield the floor's surface from scuffs and mark the group as a single, cohesive space.

The Perfect Size For Your Space.

A 150 x 240 cm (5 x 8 ft) medium outdoor rug is perfect for those cosy places where you can enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. A medium outdoor rug will give your space a warm touch while maintaining the style of your outdoor space. Pair this 150 x 240 cm (5 x 8 ft) medium outdoor rug with your furniture. Medium-sized outdoor rugs can be utilised to define a style, demarcate areas, and create a variety of patterns.

To Conclude!

We offer a variety of colours for our medium area rugs, including Grey/white, Black/white, Navy blue/white, Yellow/white, and more. In addition to medium outdoor rugs, we also have small rugs , large size rugs , and extra-large outdoor rugs.

If you're looking for medium-sized eco-friendly outdoor rugs for your outdoor space or any other location, visit Green Decore. Choose an area rug from the fantastic and top-quality assortment that best meets your needs. All of our outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic, making them all eco-friendly and sustainable. Shop online right now to receive the finest deals and discounts on the things of your choice.