120cm x 180cm Machine Washable Rugs ( Medium Size )

Browse a broad selection of 120 cm x 180 cm (Mid Size) Washable rugs, including various designs & colours like blue, grey, and green. Perfect for any location that needs a decorative flair, including your living room, bathroom or entryway or other
£25.00 - £204.00
£25.00 - £204.00

A Brief On 120cm x 180cm Machine Washable Rugs!

A 120cm x 180cm rug is a wonderful addition to your home's design because of its medium size. It can define and emphasise a certain area of any large room or improve the appearance of your little to medium space. Whether you're decorating the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, a 120cm x 180cm washable rug can quickly change the look of the entire house.

Best Places To Put 120cm x 180cm Machine Washable Rugs.

  • Living room: A 120cm x 180cm rug ought to be large enough to cover the majority of the room's floor space. It's also a perfect addition to any other living area, such as the space beneath the coffee table in front of the sofa in medium-sized living rooms (front legs off the rug). Use this rug to highlight or define a smaller area of a large living room, such as a reading nook or a sitting space by the fireplace.
  • Bedroom: A rug of this size might not fit beneath a queen or king bed in a larger bedroom, but it can be utilised to divide a small sitting space next to the bed..
  • Kitchen: It's preferable to position your rug in front of the sink or on one or both sides of the island if your kitchen is medium or large. Additionally, you might put it underneath the smaller tables in your kitchen dining area..
  • Entryway: A 120cm x 180cm rug is the perfect size for a foyer and will make a warm, long-lasting impression on visitors as soon as they walk into your home..
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