May 13, 2019

Unique uses for Rugs from Green Decore

By Stephanie Sanders
Unique uses for Rugs from Green Decore

As well as being perfect for adding comfort and colour to your patio and garden, did you know that Green Decore rugs can be used for lots of other uses around the home and outside?

Take a look at a selection of ways that a Green Decore rug can be a perfect addition to any home.

Pets will love them

Outdoor Rugs such as the Funzie Rug are perfect for all your pets. All the rugs are easily washable by wiping them clean and they do not collect hair or retain smells. What’s more, they are lightweight and easy to carry and are available in a range of sizes. They are perfect for using inside the home or even on the back seat of your car.

The Funzie Rug

Perfect addition to your picnic

Add a Beach Rug to your bag to add comfort to your picnic. They are perfect for outside as they are UV-protected and won’t fade in the sun. If they get dirty or grassy, they can be easily cleaned by wiping or hosing them down.

Beach Rug

Don't forget to pack one for the beach

A trip to the beach wouldn't be the same without an Outdoor Rug such as the Multi blue stripes rug. They are simply perfect for adding comfort and are lightweight. They are fully reversible so you get two looks for the price of one and can be easily cleaned of sand.

Multi stripes blue indoor outdoor rug

Perfect present for fishing fanatics

One of the more unusual uses for an outdoor rug is for people who love fishing. A Pacific Grey Rug is the perfect rug for putting your bits and bobs on which will protect them from the morning dew.

Pacific Grey Rug

Good gift for gardeners

If you are looking the perfect rug for gardeners then look no further than a Nirvana Yellow Rug which is very useful to laying out all your gardening tools and pots and plants. It can be easily cleaned with a hose and is also UV and mildew resistant.

Nirvana Yellow Rug

The perfect accompaniment for night time drinks

Liven up your outside space with a Nirvana Grey Rug which will perfectly complement your outside area. Add a glass of wine and some candles and have the perfect evening.

Nirvana Grey Rug

Relax with a book and a backdrop of beautiful mountains

Add some colour with a Nirvana Pink Rug which looks great on decking. Grab a book and relax with the beautiful scenery behind. 

Pink Nirvana Rug

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