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May 13, 2019


Unique uses for Rugs from Green Decore

As well as being perfect for adding comfort and colour to your patio and garden, did you know that Green Decore outdoor rugs can be used for useful for lots of other uses around the home?

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April 29, 2019


Green Decore launches new collection of outdoor rugs

Green Decore has unveiled a number of new styles and designs of outdoor rugs in time for spring and summer. The new styles are colourful and are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your patio or garden.

Pixel Pink and Red Rug

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April 26, 2019


Bring comfort and colour to your patio with outdoor rugs

Summer is almost here and it’s now time to turn your attention your patio to make sure it is stylish, comfortable and inviting for you and your guests.

A perfect way to do this is to add a colourful patio rug to your outside space. Green Decore’s outdoor rugs are perfect for patios, gardens and outdoor spaces of any kind.

Valencia Plum and White Rug

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April 17, 2019


Budget-friendly In-Outdoor Rugs to suit every space

If you are looking to add glamour to your room without breaking the bank, then look no further than Green Decore’s selection of in-outdoor rugs.Highway Black and Light Cream Rug

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April 10, 2019


Decorate your space with outdoor cushions

Cushions are great at adding comfort and a softness to your look. Choose to have matching rugs and cushions or compliment the outside space with contrasting colours and styles. See more.


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March 13, 2019


Outdoor rugs to spruce up your garden

An outdoor rug from Green Decore is the perfect accessory to bring your garden to life.

Nirvana Green and White Rug

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March 04, 2019


Best rugs to spruce up your home

Take a look at the best rugs to suit every room in your home.


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February 11, 2019


Eco-friendly stylish decoration ideas for your home

Take a look at Green Decore's extensive range of eco-friendly indoor and outdoor products for your home

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June 04, 2016


Make the Most of the Summer




Are you loving the hot weather? We've waited long enough for it, we thought it was never coming, but now it's here and it's time to make the most of it! With the school  holidays coming up, no doubt you'll be taking the opportunity to get out and about. Perhaps you've booked tickets to a festival, or you're planning a trip to the beach or a romantic outdoor concert with your loved one?


Music lovers may be visiting Glastonbury, Download or Cropredy festivals or perhaps attending a Proms in the Park event. There are so many great outdoor events in the UK, there really is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quiet family trip out, or a wild and muddy camping trip, there's something on this summer to suit your needs.




Let's take a look at some of the most popular outdoor events that take place over the summer months...


Glastonbury Festival (June) – No list of outdoor events would be complete without mentioning Glastonbury. The most famous festival in the UK, this five day event has been running since 1970 and has featured many top artists. Famed for it's notorious mud, and quirkiness, you'll find music of many genres here, from rock and pop to folk and world music. Glastonbury is so huge, with around 175,000 people attending each year, it attracts people from all walks of life giving it a truly eclectic feel.


3Foot People (late June / early July ) - A lot of festivals cater for kids to a certain extent, with special events and play areas for them, but the 3Foot People festival in Chelmsford is dedicated entirely to younger children making it the ideal family festival. There's a massive range of activities from baby massage and story telling to ballet, crafts and sports.


Latitude Festival (late July) – Latitude is a festival in the European style held annually in Suffolk. As well as a wide range of musical acts, Latitude also focuses on the arts; with comedy, poetry, dance and literature. The festival is set in beautiful surroundings, there's even a lake you can swim in!


Fairport's Cropredy Festival (Second week in August)  - Founded in 1976 by folk band Fairport Convention, Cropredy is an important festival for any folk music lover. Around 20,000 people attend each year to listen to the music and enjoy the atmosphere. The festival spills out into the village with live acts in the village pubs and street entertainment such as Morris Dancers. 


Proms in the Park (September) – If classical music is more your thing, you'll love Proms in the Park. There are events in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A truly enjoyable evening, classical music features heavily in the line up, but there are some other treats thrown in too.  The acts are live on stage, but there are also huge video screens, so you don't have to worry that you won't have a good view.


Loopallu (September) – Ever heard of Loopallu? Any idea where it is held? Well it's held in Ullapool ( Loopallu backwards! ) Still none the wiser? Well it's in the Highlands of Scotland, a tiny fishing village overlooking Loch Broom. Despite being a small and intimate festival, somehow they manage to secure some major acts in the music business to play here. If the crazy crowds of Glastonbury are not your scene, or you're just looking for something totally different, this could well be one worth looking into.




Whatever your plans are, there's no need to let the threat of a rainy spell ruin your day. When you're at any outdoor event there are some things you really need with you to enjoy the event in comfort. We're not talking about sandwiches or even a chilled bottle of wine, no, we're talking about rugs and cushions!


Sitting outside can seem like a great idea, but in reality it can be dirty and uncomfortable. Picnic rugs have been around forever, everyone seems to have a tartan rug in their car for such occasions, and the best planners remember to take along a few cushions to lounge on too. When the weather is pleasant this can be highly luxurious, but you can't depend on the British weather! A small shower of rain will soon pass, and you can get on with enjoying your day, but even though you soon dry off, your rug and cushions will stay damp for days. If you're at a festival and you're camping, you can't just pop them in the tumble dryer. Outdoor events can ruin your cushions, leaving you sat uncomfortably for the rest of the time you're there.




However, don't worry, you don't ever need to throw away your sodden cushions and favourite rug again. Instead, leave the fabric accessories at home and treat yourself to one of our beautiful all-weather rugs and a set of co-ordinating cushions! They are made from recycled plastic straws, which might not sound very comfortable, but once you try them you'll know how great they really are. They are as luxurious as any cushion you'd have on your sofa at home, and just as soft. They even reflect the sun giving them a beautiful shine, you'll be the envy of everyone around.




The best thing is though, if they get damp, they won't be ruined. The rain will simply roll off the waterproof material. Give them a quick wipe over with a towel and they're as good as new. They're easy to clean too, so you can send them off with the kids to a muddy Glastonbury and no matter how messy they get, they'll just wipe clean, or you can give them a quick blast with the garden hose (the rug and cushions that is, not the kids, although it might be tempting!).


With a range of bright colourful designs, and some more subdued options there's the perfect rug for any occasion. Pick contrasting cushions or have a whole matching set. The choice is yours!

June 04, 2016


Pet Rugs? Green Decore have the perfect rug for your cat...

When searching for pet rugs; and specifically cat mats or cat area rugs, the options available can be a little uninspiring. Green Decore can provide you with pet care solutions that make our rugs for cats the best choice, in terms of both practicality and stylish design. 

Our plastic indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for the places that your furbaby calls their own. And if you have a cat, you'll know that they only allow you to live in the same space as them: they think it's 'their' house!

Green Decore Rug 2


Perhaps your cat eats in the kitchen; and with a Green Decore rug your heart-of-the-home will look great - and kitty can tuck in to their favourite treats - without you having to constantly clean up bits of food and mop the floor after they've finished eating. Our easy clean pet rugs mean that you can simply wipe them with a cloth to remove food and water spills. 

Green Decore Cat Rug

Our range of pet rugs and cat area rugs are also good to put under a litter tray, to catch any stray material and any little accidents! The texture of the rug actually helps to remove litter from paws as the cats walk over it, saving you from the embarrassment of it being spread around your home! 

You don't need to be a cat detective to know when kitty has been out and about - just look for the wet or muddy footprints! It's impossible to clean your pet's feet every time they enter the house, so the perfect solution is to place Green Decore rugs in your entrance halls. The rich colours and on-trend designs will create a warm welcome for guests - whilst providing an incognito solution to the practicalities of keeping a clean and tidy home when you have pets. At Green Decore we understand that your cat and their care is of optimum importance to you. 

Green Decore Rug for Pets

And no need to worry about kitty scratching at the pet rug  - you'll find cats just aren't very interested in sharpening their claws on these rugs - but don't worry they're made to last - so they can take some wear and tear! 

Maybe your cat sleeps in the warmest areas of the house; cat owners know that kitty loves a place that's cosy - but cat hair can be an unsightly problem. Unlike ordinary rugs, pet hairs won't cling to our indoor outdoor rugs; and although they're made of recycled plastic - the rugs have a lovely soft texture, perfect for pets to snooze on. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment by buying products from us - and they're totally pet-safe. 

Take a look at our latest designs - we know you'll love the high-end style - as well as enjoying the top marks in durability and practicality that a Green Decore pet rug can bring to your home! 

 Green Decore Coral Rug



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