March 04, 2019

Best rugs to spruce up your home

By Stephanie Sanders

If you are looking to add some new décor to your home then Green Decore has a perfect rug to suit every room in your home. Take a look at a selection of special rugs to brighten up any area of your home.

By Stephanie Sanders

1. Living Room luxury

If you are looking to update your living room with a touch of luxury then look no further than Green Decore's stylish cotton rugs with beautiful ornate patterns.

 Vintage Sand Grey Rug

Mystique Petrol Blue Rug

2. Elegant bedrooms

Bedrooms can become instantly stylish with a jute or vintage rug located at the end of the bed. 

Vintage Honey Grey Rug

Vintage Honey Grey

Artisan Handmade Round Jute Rug

Artisan Handmade Jute Rug

3. Stylish kitchens

Give your kitchen a new look with a practical rug which are both easy to clean and eco-friendly.

Pacific Grey Rug


Pacific Grey Rug

Solitaire Red and Light Cream Rug


4. Gorgeous gardens

Add a touch of glamour to any garden with eco-friendly rugs or pouffes made of plastic bottles. Easy to clean they are hard wearing and comfortable to walk on.

Viva Yellow and Light Cream Rug


Modern Majolica Blue Colour Rug 


Psychedelia Grey Pouffe

Psychedelia Grey Pouffe

5. Swanky Poolsides

Complement your swimming pool with a Green Decore rug which are hard wearing and resistant to both damp and mildew. They are also UV protected and can be wiped clean.

Valencia Rug Black and White

Valencia Rug Black and White

Gala Blue and Turquoise White Rug

Gala Turquoise 

Buy a new rug today and give any room a stylish makeover.