April 10, 2019

Decorate your space with outdoor cushions

By Stephanie Sanders
Nirvana Black and White Rug

Summer is literally round the corner and everyone is turning their attention to making their gardens and patios look stylish and inviting. Outdoor Cushions are great at adding comfort and a softness to your look. Choose to have matching rugs and cushions or compliment the outside space with contrasting colours and styles.

by Stephanie Sanders

Here are some suggestions from the Green Decore range, both matching and contrasting, to add colour and comfort to your space.  

1. Team the Nirvana Black and White Rug with matching Ava Black/ Light Cream Outdoor Cushions  for a sophisticated look in your garden. Made of recycled plastic straws, the rug is perfect for outdoors as it is water resistant. The outdoor cushions are made of recycled polypropylene plastic with a polystyrene cushion filling. They are both mildew and fade resistant so are perfect for your outdoor space. 

Nirvana Black Rug


2. Add the Ava Grey and Light Cream Rug  with some matching Ava Grey/Light Cream Outdoor Cushions to give your room a grey hue which is one of the top spring colours for 2019.

Ava Grey


3. Decorate your home with contrasting rugs and cushions to add a different feel to your patio or outside space. A perfect match would be the Highway Turquoise and Light Cream Rug combined with either an Ava Cushion in Silver/Light Cream or Ava Cushion in Black/Light Cream. Both cushions are suitable for outdoor use and can be easily cleaned with a dry or wet cloth.

Blue Rug


 4. For the perfect addition to your holiday or sunny spot why not combine a Pacific Grey Rug with a Psychedelia Grey Cushion and Psychedelia Grey Pouffe. The rug, cushion and pouffe are all mildew and fade resistant and are perfect for outdoor use.  

Pacific Grey Rug