February 25, 2019

Top rugs to pack for your 2019 holidays

By Stephanie Sanders

With the weather warming up, everyone is now turning their minds to organising their holidays, both here and abroad. Whether you are a fan of camping and beaches or prefer a few days at a music festival, Green Decore has a rug to help complete your experience. Make sure to order your rug today so everything organised nice and early so there’s less stress when packing for your holiday.

By Stephanie Sanders

Brighten up your holiday

If you are looking to bring a splash of colour into your home during the hot weather then look no further than the Funzie Rug. Made from recycled plastic straws, these rugs are water-resistant so you can use them indoors and outside. They are perfect under parasols, for picnics and for your pets. These rugs are much easier to clean than conventional rugs, simply shake off or wipe them and they're as good as new. They are available in a range of sizes to fit all spaces.

Funzie Rug 

Best rugs to take abroad

When you are planning your holiday, don’t forget to order a Pacific Grey rug to add to your luggage. This recycled plastic rug is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to relax by the pool, sunbathe or to enjoy on your balcony. They are water resistant, lightweight and the perfect accompaniment to your holiday items.

Pacific Grey rug

Enjoy the outdoors

If you love the outdoors, then no experience is complete without a brightly coloured rug to lie on and soak up the rays either in the garden or by the lake. Green Decore’s Beach Rug is just the ticket for sun worshippers and children. They are water-resistant, lightweight and can be rolled up so are easy to carry. What’s more they are UV protected so they won’t fade in the sun. 

Beach Rug

Festival chic

For those of you heading to a music festival this year, don’t forget to pack a Green Decore recycled plastic rug, such as the Arabian Nights Black Rug, which will fit the bill perfectly. They are perfect for lying down relaxing and listening to your favourite bands or even playing some music yourself!

Arabian Nights Black Rug