January 28, 2020

Let's Combat the Climate Crisis!

By BestChoiceIndia Team
Let's Combat the Climate Crisis!

As the new decade began, one of the world’s most respected naturalists, Sir David Attenborough, in his efforts to tackle climate change and protect the planet from a man-made disaster issued a stark warning – “The moment of crisis has come”.

Meanwhile, Australia has been burning for weeks, with bush-fires raging out of control, and scientists warning that this could permanently alter the country’s landscape!  Subsequent heavy rainfall and thunderstorms may have brought a modicum of relief, extinguishing the blazes in some parts of the country, but that has put New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory on flood alert. 

Nobody who’s seen the news can fail to admit that the time has come for us to make radical changes to help protect our planet and environment before it’s too late.  We need to change the ways in which we live, travel, work and play to save ourselves and our planet from a bleak future. 

This means that it’s time to act and start making changes in our own lives and not just expect government bodies to address these problems, which they’ve clearly failed to.  This is an issue that many climate scientists have been warning us for years, but the warnings have gone unheeded by many.  It’s a problem that is faced by everybody and will affect all of us so we all need to take responsibility and play a part in protecting our planet before it’s too late. 

Here at Green Decore, we’ve taken note of the impending disaster which is why we decided to ensure that all of our products are sustainable and eco-friendly.  As a leading producer of home décor products, we’re committed to providing our customers with products that don’t damage our planet.

Our Green Decore range of in/outdoor rugs are made from recycled single-use plastics, keeping them out of our oceans and landfill sites.  Each rug is tightly woven from straws made from premium quality recycled plastic. 

They’re incredibly lightweight which means that they can easily be rolled up and taken out in the car to provide a dry and comfortable spot to sit on, whether at the beach, the park, a or picnic spot, making them an increasingly popular choice with campers, caravan owners and just about anybody who enjoys outdoor adventures.

The Petrichor Collection is a range of rugs made from plastic bottles recycled into fine polyester fibers (PET fibers), which is then spun into a yarn that is handwoven to create fabulous rugs which look and feel just like the popular woolen kilims.   

All of these rugs are fully reversible, offering two different looks for the price of one.  They’re practical and easy to clean – either with a damp cloth or by hosing them down in the bathtub or the garden.  What’s more, because they’re water-resistant, they dry in no time at all and can be back in place almost immediately.  They are the perfect floor covering for a busy, modern home.

Both the Green Decore Collection and the Petrichor Collection are durable, resistant to moisture and mildew and won’t fade in the sun, making them ideal both for indoors and outdoors.  Both collections are available in a wide range of patterns, colors and sizes, which means there will be something that will suit your home style and fit the space you have available. 

Our Terrestre Collection of Natural Jute rugs are all hand-woven from 100% natural jute fibers.  They are fully reversible and available as round or rectangular rugs in a range of colors, designs and sizes, so there’s something that will suit every room.  Whilst there are several rugs in the natural jute color that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, we recognize that some people prefer brighter colors.  This is why we’ve made sure that some of our jute rugs feature fabulous bright colors that will add the Wow Factor to any home.

With the Climate Crisis upon us, now is the time to make the vital changes necessary to protect our environment!  Take your first step into a cleaner, greener future with Green Decore!