June 04, 2016

How do you use your Green Decore rug?

By Dianne Francis

We know you love our rugs, you love the designs, the vibrant colours and the quality, but we think the most important aspect of our products is that they are so versatile. We've been asking some of our customers just how they use their rugs, and they've come up with some uses even we have never thought of! Here is a selection of comments we've collected, perhaps it will inspire you with new ways to use your rug!

“We have our rug in our kitchen, I was sick of replacing ordinary rugs when they just got too dirty, but with a slippery wood floor, we have no option but to have a rug for safety. With a busy household it's impossible to prevent spills, and as an avid, but messy cook, this was the perfect solution. Spills wipe off easily, and every once in a while I'll take it outside and give it a good blast with the hosepipe, it's as good as new then. It's saved me money as it will last a very long time, and it looks good too.”

“ I bought two rugs, one is just for the kids and gets used all the time, it gets spread over the dining table when they are painting, with water based paints we can wipe it clean. They also play on it in the garden, if the grass is damp they don't get wet. The other rug we keep in the car. We're often out and about and we always take a picnic. With three kids eating out is expensive, so picnicking is fun and cheap! The large sized rug is big enough for us all to sit on comfortably and it's not heavy so it's easy to carry to a picnic site.”

“Our rug is in the conservatory. The Moroccan design of the Nirvana rug suits the style of the room, but we primarily bought it as it doesn't fade in the sun. Our last rug started out looking great, but the conservatory gets a lot of sun and it was soon discoloured where the sun hit it most.”

“ My rug was a present, at first I thought it was a weird gift but it's proved to be very useful. I'm a keen fisherman you see, and it's great for laying out all my gear by the riverside without it getting wet from the dew in the morning. “