June 04, 2016

Pet Rugs? Green Decore have the perfect rug for your cat...

By Green Decore
Pet Rugs? Green Decore have the perfect rug for your cat...

When searching for pet rugs; and specifically cat mats or cat area rugs, the options available can be a little uninspiring. Green Decore can provide you with pet care solutions that make our rugs for cats the best choice, in terms of both practicality and stylish design. 

Our plastic indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for the places that your furbaby calls their own. And if you have a cat, you'll know that they only allow you to live in the same space as them: they think it's 'their' house!

Green Decore Rug 2


Perhaps your cat eats in the kitchen; and with a Green Decore rug your heart-of-the-home will look great - and kitty can tuck in to their favourite treats - without you having to constantly clean up bits of food and mop the floor after they've finished eating. Our easy clean pet rugs mean that you can simply wipe them with a cloth to remove food and water spills. 

Green Decore Cat Rug

Our range of pet rugs and cat area rugs are also good to put under a litter tray, to catch any stray material and any little accidents! The texture of the rug actually helps to remove litter from paws as the cats walk over it, saving you from the embarrassment of it being spread around your home! 

You don't need to be a cat detective to know when kitty has been out and about - just look for the wet or muddy footprints! It's impossible to clean your pet's feet every time they enter the house, so the perfect solution is to place Green Decore rugs in your entrance halls. The rich colours and on-trend designs will create a warm welcome for guests - whilst providing an incognito solution to the practicalities of keeping a clean and tidy home when you have pets. At Green Decore we understand that your cat and their care is of optimum importance to you. 

Green Decore Rug for Pets

And no need to worry about kitty scratching at the pet rug  - you'll find cats just aren't very interested in sharpening their claws on these rugs - but don't worry they're made to last - so they can take some wear and tear! 

Maybe your cat sleeps in the warmest areas of the house; cat owners know that kitty loves a place that's cosy - but cat hair can be an unsightly problem. Unlike ordinary rugs, pet hairs won't cling to our indoor outdoor rugs; and although they're made of recycled plastic - the rugs have a lovely soft texture, perfect for pets to snooze on. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment by buying products from us - and they're totally pet-safe. 

Take a look at our latest designs - we know you'll love the high-end style - as well as enjoying the top marks in durability and practicality that a Green Decore pet rug can bring to your home! 

 Green Decore Coral Rug