June 04, 2016

Looking for Pet Rugs? Green Decore has the perfect solution for your Dog Rug needs...

By Green Decore

Green Decore indoor outdoor rugs are the perfect gift for loved dogs and dog lovers alike. Last year Brits spent an amazing £47 million on gifts for their pets - proving that in the UK we really are a nation of pet lovers! And when it comes to dogs; they have always been very dear to us - in fact - they are our best friends - holding a special place in our hearts. 

Green Decore Pet Rug

When searching for pet rugs; and specifically dog mats or dog area rugs, Green Decore can provide you with pet care solutions that make our rugs for dogs the best choice, in terms of both practicality and stylish design. Our plastic indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for the places that your Fido or Fluffy calls their own. 

Does your dog enjoy supper time in a specific place? Are they a bit of a messy eater? Don't worry Green Decore rugs not only look great with their fashion-forward designs - they're also super-easy to clean! So no more dustpan and brush brigade or mopping mayhem following each feeding time! Our easy clean pet rugs mean that you can simply wipe them with a cloth to remove spills. 

Green Decore Rug for Pets

Of course as most dog lovers will know; one of the main problems in caring for your pet is the wet or muddy paw prints! No one can be expected to clean pups feet every time they enter the house, so the perfect solution is to place Green Decore rugs in your entrance and exit areas. This provides an incognito solution to the practicalities of a clean and tidy home when one has pets. The rich colours and on-trend designs will create a warm welcome for guests - and you can care for your dogs needs - without sacrificing your desire for a stylish home.

Green Decore Pet Rug

At Green Decore we understand that your dog and their care is of optimum importance to you, which is one of the reasons that Green Decore rugs for pets are made to last - so they can take some wear and tear! In addition, dogs are such family-loving animals, they probably just want to be with you and yours when they're not outside exploring; but dog hair can be an unsightly problem, especially in social areas such as the living room. Unlike ordinary rugs, pet hairs won't cling to our indoor outdoor rugs; and the vibrant designs mean that your guests will never know that they're made of recycled plastic - the rugs have such a lovely soft texture - and look great. So they're perfect for pets to snooze on; and perfect for your interior design needs. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment by buying products from us - and they're totally pet-safe. 

Green Decore Pet Rug - Easy to roll up and maintain

Take a look at our latest designs - we know you'll love the high-end style - as well as enjoying the top marks in durability and practicality that a Green Decore pet rug can bring to your home!