June 04, 2016

Why invest in a handmade wool rug from Green Decore?

By Green Decore

Green Decore offers an exquisite range of high-end luxury handmade wool rugs, engineered with master craftsmanship, and quality that is second to none. 

It is natural to feel a little nervous about purchasing a wool rug, with such an investment piece. So it's important to do your research - and to know what you're getting from your purchase.

First of all, to point out the obvious: You get what you pay for. Whilst Green Decore handmade wool rugs are certainly not extortionate in price - they are more expensive than those products that you would find in a mass market commercial store.

Why pay a little more... 

If you decide to buy a rug from the kind of retailer that is in every town and city in the UK, don't expect your product to last - it won't. And do not expect high-end quality, because as we've said - you do get what you pay for. 

Buy from a quality experienced retailer: 

Buying from a quality, experienced, quality guaranteed retailer such as Green Decore means that you'll get a product that is unquestionably stylish and most importantly, handmade. The intricate weaving technique produces a hard-wearing product, yet one that is also beautiful in design, sensory in experience and with an aesthetic quality that will bring pleasure for years. 

Detailed handwork goes into all of our handmade wool rugs and due to the nature of weaving technique which Green Decore demands, the artistry of the process involves a high output of man-hours and special attention to detail.

Which fibre is best? 

it's important to ensure that your rug has excellent fibres and construction. The highest quality fibre for rugs is wool. Second to none. It is strong, vibrant, and resilient. Even a low quality wool rug will outlast the best synthetic fiber (nylon, acrylic, polyester) and the quality of Green Decore handmade wool rugs is of an excellent standard. 

Plus wool is fantastic at hiding dust and soil, so it also looks cleaner and better for longer than other fibers. Yes really! 

Handwoven, machine woven or tufted? 

At Green Decore each of our wool rugs is intricately hand-knotted to perfection by master craftsmen to make each piece unique.These highly textured rugs will add a uniquely modern and sophisticated look to your living space and are the perfect addition to any stylish modern home. If you have a handmade wool rug, you know that it is of a better quality than machine woven products. 

In addition, you will also find tufted rugs on the market. Basically you can think of these as the 'flat-pack' furniture of rugs. If you're looking for a highly practical (as well as beautiful and stylish) product - a tufted rug should be avoided at all costs. For example, pet smells, including those little 'accidents' are almost impossible to remove from tufted rugs. The same goes for the ups and downs of life with children (and the mischief and stains!) that they bring. So it's not a great idea to buy a tufted rug if there's little bodies in the house.

But hey if you levitate around the house on a higher plane - maybe a tufted rug is for you?! 

How sustainable are Green Decore products? 

Wool is the most sustainable of resources. It is the only 'green' choice - and as per our name - at Green Decore we like to think that we're working alongside our customers and suppliers to protect our earth.  

Wool is also safe for kids and pets - so it's perfect for family life.