June 14, 2023

Unleash the Outdoors with Pet-Friendly Outdoor Rugs

By Green Decore
Unleash the Outdoors with Pet-Friendly Outdoor Rugs

Our furry friends bring boundless joy and energy to our lives and they love exploring the great outdoors just as much as we do. However, when it comes to outdoor spaces choosing the right rug can be a challenge for pet owners. That’s where pet friendly outdoor rugs come to the rescue.  

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of outdoor rugs and introduce you to our exquisite collection of pet friendly garden rugs. Allowing you to create a beautiful and pet friendly outdoor space.  

Outdoor Rugs: Bridging the Gap between Pets and Style 

Outdoor Rugs serve as a versatile and practical addition to any outdoor area, providing a comfortable and stylish surface for both humans and pets to enjoy.  

These rugs not only enhance the aesthetics of your garden, patio or balcony but also offer a soft and cosy space for your furry companions to lounge and play.  

By selecting a cat or dog friendly rug, you can strike the balance between durability, functionality and style. Hence, creating an environment that is both pet friendly and visually appealing.  

Choosing a Pet Friendly Outdoor Rug 

When selecting a rug for pets, there are a few factors to consider: 

  • Opt for rugs that are crafted from durable and weather-resistant materials. This ensures that the rug withstands the elements and the playful antics of your pets.  
  • Look for easy-to-clean rugs. Since pets may track dirt, mud or shed fur onto the rug, it is important to select a easy to hose off rug.  
  • Lastly, consider the design and pattern of the rug to complement your outdoor space. Create a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.  

3 Best Pet Friendly Outdoor Rugs at Green Decore 

Sizes Available: 90 cm X 150 cm, 120 cm X 180 cm, 150 cm X 240 cm, 180 cm X 270 cm and 240 cm X 300 cm  

Crafted with pets in mind, this garden rug boasts exceptional durability and a vibrant design that adds a subtleness of simple taupe and white to your outdoor space. Made from recycled material, this recycled plastic outdoor rug is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist stains. Hence, making it an ideal choice for pet owners seeking both style and practicality.   

Sizes Available: 90 cm X 150 cm, 120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 240 cm 

This pet friendly rug for garden, patio or deck offers the perfect combination of elegance and resilience. Its geometric pattern in pink and white adds a fun pink element to any garden or patio. The recycled plastic rug is durable and ensures long-lasting performance even in the presence of active pets. Easy to clean and maintain, this rug is a true testament to Green Decore’s commitment to pet friendly outdoor solutions. 

Sizes Available: 120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 240 cm 

Designed with both pets and the environment in mind, this eco-friendly garden rug is made from recycled materials without compromising on quality or style. With its unique blend of sustainability and durability, it provides a safe and comfortable space for your pets to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Embrace a greener lifestyle while pampering your furry friends with this pet friendly garden rug. 


Our outdoor rugs offer the perfect solution for pet owners who want to create a stylish and comfortable outdoor space for both themselves and their furry companions. The durable, easy-to-maintain and visually appealing designs of our garden rugs strike the perfect balance between pet friendly practicality and aesthetic charm.  

We offer outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes. The rug sizes include small outdoor rugs (90 cm X 150 cm), medium rugs (120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 240 cm), large outdoor rugs (180 cm X 270 cm) and extra large outdoor rugs (240 cm X 300 cm and 270 cm X 360 cm).  

Explore our Outdoor Rug Collection of pet friendly outdoor rugs and transform your outdoor area into a haven where pets and style coexist harmoniously.