November 21, 2022

How To Use Scented Candles The Right Way?

By Green Decore
How To Use Scented Candles The Right Way?

Are you a novice user of scented candles? We would like to share some best practises with you on how to enjoy your candle safely, whether this is your first Pristine candle or first candle period. 

How do you properly light a candle? 

Trim the wick's burnt ends before each subsequent burn. You can do this by using a clipper or your fingers to break off the burned pieces, which you should then throw away. A cleaner, brighter burn with trimmed wicks will result in less soot output. 

Simply move any flowers that are blocking the wick in order to keep them from catching fire. 

The wick should be lit with a lighter. 

How long should a scented candle burn? 

A candle should never be lit for longer than three hours at a time, and it should never be left burning unattended. The glass of a candle can become overheated if it is burned for an excessively long time. 

How can I get a candle to burn consistently? 

Never blow out a candle too soon after lighting it. To avoid "tunnelling," the candle wax should always be allowed to melt all the way to the jar's edge. Furthermore, avoid cutting the wick too short so that the flame is insufficient to melt the wax. 

How can candle tunnelling be fixed? 

When the melting of wax is concentrated in the candle's center, a tunnelling candle results, with the candle's centre melting more deeply than the wax surface around it. This makes it more challenging to melt the nearby wax, which could result in candle wax being wasted. 

 Because tunnelling candles are typically difficult to fix, we typically advise customers to let their wax surface melt completely. 

If your candle is tunnelling, you could try using a candle warmer to uniformly melt the wax surface. 

To Conclude! 

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