July 19, 2023

Don’t Miss this Amazing Deal of the Week! Large Outdoor Rugs Now at 20% off!

By Green Decore
Don’t Miss this Amazing Deal of the Week! Large Outdoor Rugs Now at 20% off!

As the warm sun beckons us to step outside, our gardens and patios become our havens for relaxation and gatherings. Embrace the beauty of nature and create a captivating outdoor oasis with Green Decore’s stunning collection of Large Outdoor Rugs. And the best part? For this week, enjoy a generous 20% discount on our exquisite range of large outdoor rugs 

Discover the Versatility of Large Outdoor Rugs 

Outdoor rugs have become an essential element in modern home decor, extending the cosiness of indoor spaces to the great outdoors.  

These large rugs redefine the concept of comfort and style in your garden, patio or balcony, transforming them into extensions of your outdoor living area. 

Green Decore’s Outdoor Rug Collection- Where Sustainability Meets Design 

At Green Decore, we’re committed to crafting products that leave a positive impact on the environment without compromising on style. Our recycled rug collection is no exception, boasting a myriad of features that make them a sought-after choice for eco-conscious homeowners:  

  • Recycled Plastic Material: By repurposing plastic waste into elegant outdoor rugs, we embrace sustainability and contribute to reducing plastic pollution. Each rug you purchase is a step towards a cleaner, greener world.  
  • Pet Friendly: We understand the importance of having furry friends. Our patio rugs are designed to be safe and friendly for pets, creating a worry-free environment for play and relaxation.  
  • Fully Reversible: Enjoy two fantastic designs in one rug! Our fully reversible rugs provide versatility, giving you the freedom to switch up your outdoor decor whenever you desire.  
  • Weatherproof and Waterproof: Don’t let unpredictable weather dampen your outdoor fun. Our weatherproof outdoor rugs will surely withstand the elements, making them ideal for any climate or outdoor setting.  

A Whopping 20% Off on Our Finest Selection 

This week, indulge in our exclusive offer and avail a flat 20% discount on the following outdoor rugs: 

  1. Green Decore Nirvana Outdoor Plastic Rug (Grey/White)  

Experience contemporary elegance with a calming grey and white geometric design, perfectly harmonising with any outdoor space. 

Actual Price: £169.00 

Offer Price: £135.00 

     2. Green Decore Nirvana Black White Outdoor Rug  

Make a bold statement with this black and white geometric masterpiece, adding a touch of modernity to your outdoor sanctuary. 

Actual Price: £169.00 

Offer Price: £135.00 

    3. Nirvana Outdoor Recycled Plastic Rug (Simple Taupe/White) 

Unveil a world of simplicity and sophistication with this taupe and white rug, seamlessly elevating your outdoor aesthetics. 

Actual Price: £169.00 

Offer Price: £135.00 

    4. Weaver Turquoise Blue Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug 

Dive into serenity with this turquoise blue beauty, bringing intricate patterns and vibrant colour to your outdoor haven. 

Actual Price: £169.00 

Offer Price: £135.00 

Create Your Dream Outdoor Space Today! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your outdoor living experience with Green Decore’s recycled plastic outdoor rugs. Visit our website now and explore the collection and take advantage of the 20% discount on Large Outdoor Rugs. Create stylish and greener, more stylish outdoor living spaces with Green Decore’s Outdoor Rugs! 

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