January 31, 2022

Best Valentine's Day Candles Gift for Him and Her

By Aman Srivastava
Valentine's Candle Gifts

With Valentine’s Day 2022 fast approaching, it’s time to get serious about what you’re planning on buying for your loved one to celebrate this most romantic day of the year.  Getting it right is an absolute must nowadays as everybody loves taking to social media on the day to boast about their fabulous surprise present – or, in many cases, compete with each other’s hilarious stories of how their partner got it so totally wrong this year!

Valentine’s Day began as a celebration of the life of St. Valentine, an early Christian saint.  In more recent history, it’s become known as the perfect day for lovers to reveal their feelings towards their loved one and we now celebrate it with romantic dinners and dates – and a thoughtful and loving gift.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for lovers everywhere to celebrate the spirit of love and express their deepest feelings for each other.  Whether you’re a happily married couple, dating or strangers on a train who’ve been sharing secret glances, this is the right occasion to let your loved one know how you feel.


While it’s always a thrill to receive a Valentine card from your admirer, the modern tradition is to offer a gift to show just how much your Valentine means to you.  Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts have been a stunning bouquet of flowers, luxury-brand chocolates, scrumptious cakes and cute soft toys.  All of these can be ordered online to be delivered to your chosen one on the big day. 

However, for somebody who’s looking for something a little bit different, to show just how seriously they feel about their Valentine, there are more imaginative and exciting gifts available nowadays, gifts that show that you’ve thought carefully about what your loved one would like, gifts that last longer than February 14th, gifts that can be enjoyed for longer! 


A scented candle is the perfect option to show just how much you care – and as there are so many perfumes to choose from, you can choose a scented candle that perfectly suits your Valentine’s personality.  A gift chosen to appeal to the personal taste of the recipient demonstrates clearly just how seriously you take your feelings for them.

Green Decore’s Vernal Collection is a range of ten soy wax candles, hand-poured in India and perfumed with combinations of fragrances, each candle specifically designed to imbue the atmosphere around you with mood-enhancing aromas that will get your loved one in the mood for Romance with a capital “R”!

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Choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift for your lady love is not as difficult as you may think.  If you’re having trouble coming up with something different and exciting, a gift that she will treasure, she’s sure to love a luxury perfumed candle.  Check out the stunning selection of scented candles to choose which one you think best suits her style.

  • Garden of Delight – The very feminine fragrance of freshly picked roses mixes magnificently with the sweet scent of old-fashioned violets. She won’t be able to resist you when you offer this fabulous candle to add a romantic atmosphere to your Valentine’s Day date. Rose and Violet Candle
  • Mediterranean Magic – A refreshing burst of Nectarine and Grapefruit are subtly combined with Citrus Flower scents - guaranteed to bring some sunshine into her life, whatever the weather is doing! Treat her to the magical summer holiday fragrances of the Mediterranean orange and lemon groves on a warm summer night.
  • Let’s Adult – The intoxicating aromas of fragrant Tea Rose and Peony Petals are enhanced with Warm Wood and Sweet Amber to deliver an amazing aroma that’s sure to get her in the mood! Light the flame of smouldering passion and spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day! Let’s Adult Candles for Her
  • Shangri-la – A tangy citrus scent, combined with the subtler aromas of White Flower and Green Tea will calm her mood and invigorate her senses. If you’re looking for a perfume that will revive and rejuvenate the one you love, this is the one for you.  The fresh fragrances are combined to elevate the senses, ameliorate the mood and reinforce her sense of well-being. Vernal Shangrila Candle
  • Citrus Spring – This candle will waft around the home, perfuming the air with waves of White Flower, Citrus and Jasmine, backed by a subtle hint of White Musk. She’ll feel as if Springtime is already here when the stunning scented soy wax releases a hint of the tropics that will leave her feeling ready for love. Citrus Spring Scented Candle


Love is eternal, love is happiness, love is beautiful – so don’t hide it!  Share your feelings with the man of your dreams by offering him the perfect Valentine’s gift.  If you’ve been together for ever, this is the perfect way to thank him for being in your life.  The sense of smell is strong and a person’s scent can be just as important as their looks when it comes to love.  Get his senses smouldering by gifting him an intoxicating scented candle that will get him in the mood for love!

  • Tropical Sunrise – Positively bursts with Tropical Fruits and Sweet Nectar. Its fruity fragrance is a fabulous aroma that will conjure up memories of hot summer nights in the Mediterranean where the sun bakes the sands and the waves lap the shore.  Give him a gift of the sweet scents of summer in this luxury scented soy wax candle. Tropical Sunrise Candle
  • Ginger Snap – There’s a refreshing hint of Cool Peppermint hiding behind the fragrant aromas of Spicy Ginger and White Tea in the piquant perfume of this exquisitely scented candle. It adds a lively breeze to the atmosphere, tempered perfectly with a balmy calm embrace.  If you want to wallow with him in a sea of tranquillity, this is the one for both of you. Ginger and White Tea Candle
  • Ethos – An invigorating tang of Citrus, combined with the heady scents of Bergamot, Amber and White Oud, has an almost earthy bouquet that will bring out the animal in him! If you’re looking to seduce your man in style, Ethos scented candle is perfect for you.
  • Oriental Zephyr – The heady summer scents of Jasmine and Tuberose are matched with the earthy fragrance of Sandalwood to waft an enticing aroma around the home. Waft him away on a magic carpet of fragrance and bring a touch of Eastern magic to the occasion!  Relax, kick back in oriental splendour and make sure he enjoys the Valentine’s Day of his dreams. Vernal Zephyr Candle for him
  • Blissful Woods – The fruity Autumn aromas of cranberry and blackberry co-mingle with the warm undertones of Cedar Wood and Amber in this warm and soothing scented candle. Amber is a fantasy perfume that’s traditionally known as the “tears of the sun”.  He won’t be in tears when you offer him this fragrant fancy that will have you cuddling in front of the fire, surrounded by the sumptuous scent of this soy wax candle. Blissful Blackberry Candle


We added a stunning range of perfumed candles to our website and we are currently offering a huge (30%) discount on them in time for Valentine’s Day.  They’re created from soy wax, hand-poured in India, and they’re guaranteed to provide a longer cleaner burn-time than their paraffin wax counterparts.  This luxury range of scented candles boasts ten different aromas, all designed to work on your senses and lift your mood – aromatherapy for your home, if you will.  Whether you’re buying a Valentine’s gift for him or her, there’s sure to be just the right scent to bring the flavour of romance to your relationship.

Saying the three simple words "I love you" to that special someone can be daunting, but the right gift can say it all! And a Valentine’s Day gift is simply a way of expressing that!