August 08, 2022

A Guide To Using Planters The Right Way!

By Green Decore
A Guide To Using Planters The Right Way!

For fans of vintage décor all around the world, brass planters are a contentious subject. Of course, they simply didn't exist in the past, and anybody raising the prospect of such a thing would have received a stern rebuke from their grandmothers if they had said it then. But over time, the concept has had chance to crept into both modern and antique-focused décor sectors. 

Brass planters are such a charming addition to your décor choices. By serving as either a statement piece or a uniting feature, they completely improve the visual appeal of a plain area. 

Understanding Brass Planters 

Setting up your brass planters might not be as simple as it first appears. Numerous circumstances along the route might be detrimental to your planter and your plant. Before you begin, bear in mind the following points.  

Metal planters are vulnerable to corrosion: Metal planters made of brass are inherently more likely to corrode. Additionally, neglecting your live plant in the planter for a long time may result in Verdigris, scaling, and the growth of algae and bugs that spread infections at the planter's base. 

Avoid putting soil in brass planters- It is not advisable to put soil and gravel in brass containers that are intended to hold live plants. Direct contact with moist environments accelerates the corrosion process that finally destroys your brass vessel. Always be sure to fill the planter completely with the plant pot. 

To Conclude! 

If you are thinking of incorporating greens in your home, then planters are the perfect choice. Visit the Green Decore website and browse the collection of attractive planters available. Shop online today to get the best offers.