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If you want to add the Wow Factor to your garden/patio this summer, we have a stylish collection of outdoor rugs “that are designed with you in mind!”  Whether it’s the lawn, your deck, porch, or patio, we have a selection of colours (black, blue, grey, red, yellow, orange and many more), styles (modern, traditional, striped, etc.), and sizes to choose from, that will add an air of sophistication as you have fun in the pool, dine with friends or sip cocktails at dusk. If you are searching for waterproof outdoor rugs or washable outdoor rugs, you are at the right place.

Transform Your Space With Our Eco-friendly Outdoor Rugs! 

We have to make the most of the sunny weather when we get it here in the UK, so spending time outdoors is a must when the weather is good. Whether we choose to create our outdoor seating space on a balcony, a patio or the lawn, sitting outdoors at the end of a busy day and enjoying the warmth of the late sunshine on our faces is a real treat. On a sunny weekend, it’s great to invite friends over for a barbeque, perhaps setting up the paddling pool if there are kids around (and it’s warm enough!) and making the most of the garden while the weather lasts.

When we spend more time outdoors, there are more dirt issues to deal with – grass stains on the knees of jeans, spills on your patio furniture cushions, grease stains from the barbecue on the deck, etc. Our outdoor rugs are designed to add a bright splash of colour to your seating spaces but they can also protect the flooring underneath them too. And there’s no need to worry about cleaning your outdoor rug, Green Decore rugs are sustainable, eco-friendly and easy to clean which makes them the ideal floor covering in so many situations. A wipe over with a damp cloth or a quick hose down is all it takes to get the rug clean again and it will dry in barely any time at all.

If your home is rented, adding an outdoor rug is a great way of covering up a scruffy looking balcony floor or patio without breaking the bank. No need to bother with the cost of jet-washing the slabs or even laying new ones, you can cover the offending floor at a fraction of the cost it takes to replace it. This makes perfect sense, especially in rental properties, as you can roll up your rug and take it with you when you move to a new address.

Adding an outdoor rug is an effective way of tying together your furniture and décor accessories – the perfect finishing touch that turns a seating space into an outdoor room where you can relax in comfort and style

What Is An Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs have been designed to provide an outdoor floor covering that can withstand all types of weather conditions – wind, rain, snow and hail. They even stay cool to the touch under the midday sun and are UV-resistant so you can be sure that the colours and patterns won’t fade over time. As our rugs are made from polypropylene, they’re tough and durable, yet surprisingly soft underfoot. They’re also lightweight and can be rolled up to fit in the boot of the car so you can take them along with you on family picnics, trips to the beach or park, to festivals and even on camping trips (where they can be used in a caravan awning or even to add some extra seating space outside a tent).

There’s no need to pack your outdoor rug away over the winter months – why not consider bringing it into the house to use indoors too? They’re ideal in the hallway to prevent wet, muddy footprints from being tracked through your home. Or use it in the kitchen or bathroom as they’re fully water resistant, much more practical than a bathmat that will need hanging to dry every time it’s used.

If you have kids, an outdoor rug will look great in a child’s room or playroom – it’s easy to pick up and take outside to shake off the crumbs. They’re surprisingly soft and comfortable to sit on, so the kids will love it. Wipe up any juice or paint spills with a damp cloth or wet sponge. They’ll protect the floor underneath from spills too. In fact, an outdoor rug is the ideal choice when there are kids around as they make it much easier to clean up all manner of messes.

The Benefits of Buying an Outdoor Rug

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed when you decide to buy an outdoor rug, whether it’s for indoor use or to add a touch of class in the garden. They’re made from recycled plastics, so it’s a great way of reducing your impact on the environment by keeping plastics out of our oceans and landfill sites. They’re durable, water-resistant, reversible and easy to clean – a must for any busy household. They’re also weather-resistant – an important factor here in the UK. They will withstand rain, snow, wind and bright sunlight, so you can be sure it’s a home accessory that will last for a long time, representing great value for money.

Here at Green Decore, we have two types of outdoor rug for you to choose from. The flat rugs are woven from durable plastic straws and they’re all fully reversible, providing two different looks for the price of one. The tufted rugs have been woven using strong plastic fibres that are created from tough plastic strands that have been spun into a yarn, then woven in the traditional manner.

Our outdoor rugs are so versatile that they can fit in any room, be it a dining room , living room , kitchen , garden/patio or kids/nursery room . These outdoor rugs are made to withstand high traffic areas making them durable, waterproof, stain and UV resistant.

Sizes available at Green Decore!

All the rugs on our website come in various sizes including:

So, whether you need a small outdoor rug or a large one or want us to customize it as per your needs then you are at the right place.

Outdoor Rug Styles At Green Decore!

There are many different styles of outdoor rugs available at Green Decore including:

We have everything you need. Browse through the collection and pick the one you find the best.

Tips to make your rugs last longer!

Whether you decide to use your rug outdoors or inside your home, you’ll want to make sure it always looks great

  • Our outdoor rugs are waterproof and can withstand rain showers. However, leaving them outside when they’re wet or during prolonged periods of winter weather is not a great idea.
  • During the winter months, either roll up your outdoor rug and store it in a dry place (garage or shed) or bring it indoors and use it in the kitchen, bathroom, kids’ rooms or hallway. This is a great way of keeping your rug dry over the winter and getting maximum use.
  • When your rug is covered in crumbs, pet hair or other debris, just take it outside and give it a shake. Alternatively, hang it over the line and beat it the old-fashioned way to loosen the crumbs.
  • Conclusion!

    If you fancy giving a Green Decore rug a try in your home or garden, don’t delay. Head over to our website and it’s easy to choose the right rug for your home. You can narrow your results using our filters to show you jute rugs , indoor/outdoor rugs , rugs in a variety of colours, including blue outdoor rugs , grey outdoor rugs , black outdoor rugs , yellow rugs , green rugs , orange rugs , brown rugs , red outdoor rugs etc. There are just so many to choose from. Our rugs are affordable and durable making them a perfect fit for high traffic areas. We have so many colours, designs, styles and sizes to choose from so that you’re sure to find the right rug to suit your space and taste. Just head over to greendecore.co.uk. and order online for fast, free elivery.

    Rugs on sale , order online from the comfort of your chair, then sit back and wait for your rug to arrive – free delivery on all our rugs, to make sure you get the best deal on today’s market.