Jute Rugs

If you’re looking for a neutral-coloured floor covering that will add an organic appeal to your home, whilst offering a high level of comfort underfoot, look no further than our stunning range of natural jute rugs.  The traditional jute rug has been reinvented with a 21st Century twist, allowing home-owners to choose sustainable and eco-friendly flooring materials without sacrificing on style.

Jute Rugs: What are they and how are they made?

Jute is a long, lustrous grass native to Asia that is made into a lovely jute rug. Due to its hue and cost-effectiveness, it is commonly referred to as "golden fibre." Growing jute fibre is unique in that it requires nothing in the way of fertilisers or pesticides. After being picked from the plant, the stems are soaked in slow flowing water in an organised fashion to allow microbes to dissolve the adhesive proteins that hold the fibres together. The non-fibrous elements are then scraped away in a process called "stripping." Furthermore, these are sorted, cleaned, dried, graded, and transferred to Jute mills, where they are processed once more into jute fibre.

Why should a person buy jute rugs for their home?

The following are some of the reasons why Jute rugs are highly recommended for adding beauty to your home: -

  • Changes the entire appearance and feel of the space quickly- The designs and patterns of jute rugs on the internet have piqued the interest of many homeowners. Apart from its alluring appearance, it provides a calming feel to your space and skin whether you stand barefoot or sit. Jute rugs are highly recommended by many specialists since they provide good usefulness and immediately modify the aesthetic appeal of a room wherever they are placed.
  • Medicinal health benefits- Jute Rugs have a unique ability to trap dust particles on its surface, resulting in a clean and safe atmosphere. The dust particles are hazardous and can lead to a variety of respiratory illnesses. As a result, they are good to people who suffer from allergies to dust mites. They're also soundproof, so you can walk through them without making any noises, and you'll get a nice massage on your feet every time you move.
  • Highly durable-The long-lasting quality of Jute rugs is one of the main reasons for its popularity among people. Because it is a natural fibre, it is soft, silky, and comfy. Whatever design you choose, it will never go out of style and will provide the same usefulness for decades.
  • Eco-friendly- They are made from natural fibres and do not require any technology that releases greenhouse gases or pollutes the environment. In comparison to synthetic fibres, they are actually biodegradable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain- One of the most significant elements that buyers look for is items that are simple to maintain. Jute rugs are simple to clean and maintain. If there are any accidental stains or spillages, they may be cleaned away with a soft cotton cloth. Vacuuming the jute rugs once or thrice a week is also the simplest approach to keep them free of dust and spills.
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  • To Conclude!

    Green Decore also provides rugs in a different variety of fabrics, colours and designs like jute rugs, outdoor rugs , indoor/outdoor rugs and many more. So without any second thoughts, buy rugs online from our wide collection and give your home the makeover you always wanted.