Indoor Outdoor Rugs : Designed for Your Comfort

Green Decore makes going green easy as pie with our Indoor/Outdoor rugs.  They’re woven from fibres or straws made from recycled plastic water bottles, setting a new standard in eco-friendly design options.  We have a large selection of stylish, sustainable carpets in a huge variety of colours, designs and sizes, so there really is something to suit every space.  What’s more, getting hold of one of these rugs couldn’t be easier – order online for fast, free delivery across the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.

The Best Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Rugs!

Rugs are an incredible method to bring a place together and make it seem cohesive—this includes outdoor spaces! If you want to decorate your deck, patio or any other outdoor space, the indoor/outdoor is a perfect choice as it will make the area seem comfortable.

These rugs are often manufactured from water-resistant recycled plastic. It's also convenient since you can just wash them down with a hose to keep them clean. There's a choice to meet your needs, regardless of your style or budget, with a vast range of both simple and striking patterns.

What to Look for in a Rug Material for Indoor/Outdoor Use?

Material - To avoid becoming mouldy or wet when exposed to the elements, indoor and outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic and PET making them moisture and water resistant, thus, making them ideal for rugs that will be exposed to the weather. Outdoors ,jute rugs are also used, although they perform better in sheltered settings.

Size - When selecting a rug, think about the size and form that would work best in your room. Indoor and outdoor rugs come in different styles, as well as a variety of sizes. Make sure the rug will fit comfortably in both your indoor and outdoor locations if you want to bring it inside during the winter.

Style - You don't have to sacrifice style just because you're choosing an indoor and outdoor rug. There are several possibilities for your room, ranging from basic solid-colour selections to vibrant patterned rugs. However, don't forget to think about the space where the rug will be placed. If the rug will be used on a porch or patio that receives direct sunshine, check to see if it has been treated to prevent UV radiation. Those who live in wetter regions should invest in an indoor and outdoor rug that can withstand the weather while still being absorbent and durable.

Colour - Colour plays an important role in choosing the right rug since it has the ability to completely transform the appearance of any space. We have rugs in a variety of colours, including black/light cream, grey/light cream, black light cream, light grey cream rug, and many others. As a result, select your rug carefully to make your space stand out.

What Is The Best Way To Clean An Indoor/Outdoor Rug?

Indoor and Outdoor Rugs don't require much upkeep; most may be hosed down on both sides and washed with mild dish detergent if stains occur. Most indoor-outdoor rugs are constructed of synthetic fibres, which are easy to clean since water doesn't harm the material.

Spot clean your rug with club soda for harder, darker stains to help neutralise the stain. After blotting the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel, wash it with warm water and mild dish soap before hosing it down fully on both sides. If you're using it indoors, let it air dry completely before putting it back.

Where To Buy Indoor/Outdoor Rugs?

Give your space a new look with our versatile and eco-friendly indoor/outdoor rugs. We have a wide collection of rugs, so pick any one that suits you the best. To check out the entire range of indoor/outdoor rugs you can check Green Decore official website ( the best place to buy rugs.


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