August 19, 2022

Red Alert on Floor Décor!

By Green Decore
Red Alert on Floor Décor!

When decorating the home, paying attention to the floors in the home is essential. Whilst most people opt for relatively subtle colours that will mix and match with so many different hues of furniture, there are others who will want something a little different on the floor. Here at Green Decore, we have a collection of red coloured rugs that will add the Wow Factor without overwhelming the rest of the room.

The Cosmopolitan is a fully reversible red and white outdoor rug, with the one side being mostly red whilst the other side has a subtler look as the white is predominant. This rug is a modern design that teams particularly well with black, white or monochrome home décor accents and furnishings.

The Follis Strawberry and White Outdoor Rug features a pretty design with leaf-shaped motifs that will work well with both modern and classic styles of furniture. Again, this rug is fully reversible, offering two sides that are subtly different.

The Prime Outdoor Rug in Red and Grey boasts a traditional pattern that provides a great focal point in any seating area. Like our other flat-woven outdoor rugs, this one is also reversible, though the different sides aren’t as different as those on some of our reversible outdoor rugs.

The Iris Outdoor Rug in Navy and Deep Red brings an extra colour into the mix, with a central panel in a light colour and each end bordered with a pattern in either deep red or navy. Fully reversible, with just a subtle difference on the reverse side, this stylish rug also looks great whether it’s used with modern or traditional styles of furniture.

The Solitaire Indoor/Outdoor Recycled PET Rug is a red rug made from a durable yarn created from recycled plastics which is woven into a rug that looks and feels like a traditional dhurrie or kilim, but is lightweight and easy to clean.

These rugs are all designed to be suitable for use outdoors or inside the home. That’s because they’re made from recycled single-use plastics, keeping them out of our oceans and landfill sites. This means that the rugs are water-resistant and easy to clean – they can even be hosed down when necessary and they’re dry and back on the floor in no time at all. This is a practical option in busy homes with kids and/or pets. These rugs are all available in a selection of sizes, so there should be one to suit every home or garden.

Our red outdoor rugs are a great addition to seating areas, particularly outdoor seating areas where floor décor is usually neglected. Adding a rug to the mix will tie the look together and transform the sofa and chairs on the patio or lawn into a whole new outdoor room, providing an open-air space to relax and enjoy the summer sunshine. When summer is over and it gets a little too cold to sit outside, the rugs can be brought indoors and used in rooms where spills are likely to occur.

All of our red rugs are available to order online from our website for fast, free delivery across the UK.