June 14, 2022

How to Harness the Heady Aroma of Scented Candles

By Green Decore
How to Harness the Heady Aroma of Scented Candles

If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to the décor of a room, why not consider adding some scented candles.  They don’t just make the room look more stylish, scented candles will also make your room smell much more inviting which leads to the people in the room actually feeling more relaxed and at ease. 

We’ve all heard of aromatherapy – the art of using fragrance to change your mood for the better.  If we’re uptight, there are scents that will encourage us to relax and feel more comfortable.  If you’re tired, there are aroma combinations designed to perk you up and get you feeling ready to rock the house.  There are also perfumes that have been carefully chosen to get you in the mood and spice up your love life!   

Whilst aromatherapy is a complex subject with so much to learn, shopping for scented candles is fun and easy.  There are so many fragrances to choose from, each designed to enhance your mood in different ways.  That’s why Green Decore has added a fabulous range of luxury scented candles to our home décor website – all available to order online for fast, free delivery. 

Before the discovery of electricity, lighting candles was the method most people used to illuminate their homes after darkness had fallen.  Candles were used to provide light but were often expensive and their use confined to the wealthier sectors of society.  Most people during those times would go to bed at dusk and awaken as the sun rose – that was the practical way of coping with the dark in days gone by.   

Once we harnessed the power of electricity, the luxury of light during the hours of darkness became an affordable option for the masses and, nowadays, candles are used to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere (and for birthday cakes, of course!).  Candlelight is used by restaurants to add an aura of sophistication and romance as diners enjoy their meals.  Most households keep a few candles in a kitchen drawer so that they have some form of light in the event of a power cut.   

However, candles can offer us so much more than a method of providing light in an emergency – scented candles can transform our homes into welcoming spaces where we can replenish our energy at the end of a busy day, or relax ourselves into a mood that promotes rejuvenating and restorative deep sleep.   

Green Decore’s Vernal Collection features 10 blissful fragrance options which enable our customers to buy candles online in the UK.  Each combination of aromas has been carefully designed to allow you to create an atmosphere which will enhance your mood and light up your life.  Whether you want to calm down and relax, energise yourself as you prepare for a night out on the town, or create a romantic aura as you enjoy a dinner date at home, we have just the right candle for you.   

Each of our candles is housed in a sophisticated votive container designed to seamlessly complement any style of décor and delivered in a matching presentation box, which means they make an impressive gift for any occasion.   

Why not take a look at our Vernal Collection of Scented Candles next time you need a gift for a special friend – or treat yourself and your home to a balmy waft of perfume that will replenish your energy and enhance your mood as you relax at home?  Head over to our website and shop for scented candles from the comfort of your armchair, then enjoy the heady incense of your favourite scents at the end of each busy day.