January 24, 2022

How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Under your Bed

By Nikhil Gupta
Area Rug Under Bed

Area Rug Under Bed: Getting out of bed in the morning can be a bit of a nightmare, especially during the winter months!  There’s such a temptation to snuggle down under the duvet or blankets and stay warm – the last thing you feel like is leaving the cozy cocoon to brave the cold air outside your bed.  This may be why so many people still opt for carpeting in the bedroom, despite recent trends for wooden floorboards or laminate flooring in other parts of the house.  Whatever type of wall-to-wall floor covering you have in your bedroom, adding an area rug is a great idea for dialing up the style in your sleeping space, as well as adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

Find the Perfect Area Rug Under Bed

Modern rugs are available in a wide range of materials, but choosing the right one to suit you is easier than ever if you look for a bedroom rug online.  Buying online makes so much sense as you’re not restricted to what’s available in the local shops.   You can order from anywhere in the country (or even from overseas) and get just the right rug for you, in the materials, designs, and colours you prefer.

You’ll find so many more sizes of rug available online which is an important factor as a rug that’s too small will struggle to add the opulent look that your boudoir deserves, whilst a rug that’s too big will cause constant hassle as you move other furniture and belongings to fit it into the space.  Basically, looking online for an area rug to place under the bed means that you’ll have a huge range of rugs to choose from and many sellers offer free delivery (an added bonus).

What Type of Area Rugs are Ideal for Bedroom?

Gone are the days of a patterned wool (or synthetic) rug with one design available in a couple of different colours and sizes – which is just boring!  Nowadays, area rugs come in a huge range of patterns and colours, made from so many different materials, and often in a choice of sizes (this is why buying online is such a great idea).

There are rugs woven from natural materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, jute, and other natural fibers, such as seagrass and even water hyacinth fibres!  Then there are the natural animal skin rugs, which are somewhat out of vogue these days, although Flokati rugs (woven from sheep wool and partly felted) are still a popular luxury item.

There is also a great choice of synthetic rugs available that put the old nylon rugs to shame – polyester (PET), Triexta (PTT), Olefin (AKA polypropylene, which is often found in the looped styles of rugs as it’s so similar to wool).  Most of these synthetic fiber rugs have the added advantage of being both stain-resistant and fade-resistant.

Bedroom rugs probably get less wear and tear than those in other parts of your home, so it’s worth investing a little and treating yourself to a rug that provides a soft landing for your tootsies when you drag them out of bed in the mornings.

Where to Place the Area Rug under Bed?

Before you order an area rug under bed, you’ll need to carefully consider where you want to put it – this will determine which size to buy.  There are several options here, so choose the one that you think will suit you best.

  • Suppose there are two of you, then a matching rug on each side of a double bed makes sense as you’ll both have a comfy landing when you get out of bed in the mornings. If your room is spacious enough, you could add another matching rug in a larger size at the end of the bed – this means that all three rugs would be clear of the space underneath the bed (making the area easier to clean) and is often the preferred option.
  • If you want to place your rug entirely underneath the bed, with the whole bedframe on it, you may find it difficult to get the exact size. This would also be pretty pointless as the rug would be mostly hidden and your feet would hardly ever touch it.
  • Choosing a rug big enough for the whole bedframe, together with the bedside tables and any bench at the end of your bed is a popular choice. However, with most of the rug under the bed, it will be awkward to clean and the furniture placed on the rug is likely to result in depressions in the material that will be difficult to remove.
  • A rug placed under the lower third or two-thirds of the bed and a bench at the end of the bed again seems a little wasteful as much of the rug will be covered in furniture. If your floor is not carpeted, you’ll probably want to add a smaller rug right next to the bed to put your feet onto when you get up.
  • If you’re looking for a rug for a single room, then a pair of matching rugs (in the same or different sizes) can be a great option. A smallish rug to go next to the bed and a larger one to go in the center of the room.

As with the types of rugs available, there are so many options when it comes to the placement of the rug, or rugs.  You really have to think carefully about what would suit you and your lifestyle best, the space available, how it will feel on your feet (especially if you like to roam your home barefoot), price, etc.

Check out the Huge Range of Rugs Available Online

One thing is for sure, the internet has made it possible for us to choose from so many options in all areas of our lives, including making the most of our homes with our home décor choices that enable us to create the space we need to live a healthy and happy life.  You can order rug online from the comfort of your armchair and, at the touch of a button, your ideal rug will arrive at your home within days – it really couldn’t be easier.

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