July 26, 2022

Black is the New Black!

By Green Decore
Black is the New Black!

Black is not the usual colour we think of when it comes to home décor and especially not when it comes to carpeting and rugs.  After all, a solid black rug is a surface that will show up every speck of anything that is not black, making the floor look as if it could do with a good clean most of the time.  However, black can be a dramatically different colour option for furnishings, as long as care is taken to choose and use it wisely.  We have some great advice (and some fab floor décor) for those bold enough to take the risk!

Black is the perfect backdrop for every other colour in the spectrum – lights, brights, pastels muted or monochrome – black can work with everything if the décor is done right.  Choosing black for the flooring needn’t be fraught if other colours are incorporated into the rug or carpet.  Black and white themed rugs come in a huge range of designs, some subtle, some with an eye-catching pattern that must be noticed.  

Our black and white rugs include the Nirvana and the Relic, both outdoor rugs that are fully reversible, offering two different facets of the same design.  Like all or our outdoor rugs, these are water-resistant and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for outdoor seating spaces, or poolside.  These rugs are also eminently suited to indoor use as they’re so easily cleaned, an important consideration in homes with pets and/or kids where spills often happen.

The Aria and the Solitaire are both from our collection of Indoor Outdoor PET Rugs – a range of rugs woven from recycled PET fibres, an eco-friendly option for friends of the earth.  These rugs are similar in look and feel to a traditional dhurrie or kilim, yet water-resistant and lighter to handle.  They can be vacuumed or showered down (they dry quickly outside) to keep them looking at their best.  This collection of rugs is suitable for use both inside the home and out in the garden, so they’re a versatile choice for the floor.