July 07, 2023

3 Must-Know Design Tips for Grey Machine Washable Rugs

By Green Decore
3 Must-Know Design Tips for Grey Machine Washable Rugs

Grey rugs have been there in the market for a very long time. They’ve been enhancing the beauty of different spaces. Moreover, they are popular due to their versatility and ability to complement a wide range of decor styles. And when it comes to practicality, machine washable rugs offer a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness and freshness in your home. However, working with grey rugs is not as easy as thought. 

This neutral shade needs more attention than any other rug colour. If you have grey rugs as well, then this blog is for you.  

Here, we’ll explore 3 essential design tips specifically tailored to grey machine washable rugs. Discover the benefits of these rugs, and the rules for incorporating them into your space and explore popular patterns offered by Vernal Washable Rugs to match your decor theme effortlessly.  

Benefits of Machine Washable Indoor Rugs 

Wash carpets provide a host of advantages for homeowners, making them an ideal choice for busy households. Unlike traditional rugs that require professional cleaning or delicate care, machine wash rugs can be easily laundered at home, saving time and money. With their durable construction and easy maintenance, these rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas, households with pets or children or anyone seeking a hassle-free rug cleaning solution.  

Rules for Grey Washable Rugs 

While incorporating grey rugs into your space, take into consideration the following design tips to maximise their impact: 

  • Balance with Colour 

Grey carpets serve as a neutral foundation, allowing you to experiment with various colour combinations. For a sophisticated and timeless look, pair your large grey rug with accents of soft pastels or metallic. Alternatively, add a pop of vibrant colour to create a striking contrast against a grey backdrop.  

  • Play with Texture 

To prevent your space from appearing flat, incorporate different textures alongside your grey rug. Layering your grey fluffy rug on top of your machine washable indoor rug adds depth and visual interest. This combination of textures creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.  

  • Size and Placement 

Consider the size of your room and the placement of furniture when selecting a grey machine washable rug.  

A large grey rug can anchor the space and unify the furniture arrangement. Ensure that all the legs of your furniture are placed on the rug for a cohesive and well-defined look. Moreover, incorporate grey rugs for living room to make your rug the focal point of the room.  

For narrow spaces, like the hallway, kitchen or entryway, a grey runner rug will add personality to the space. It will provide underfoot comfort and an aesthetically pleasing place for guests and family members.  

Patterns of Grey Machine Washable Rugs offered by Vernal Rugs 

Washable grey rugs come in a variety of patterns to suit different decor themes. Here, are the three most popular options offered by Vernal Collection: 

  • Persian Rugs 

A classic choice, Persian rugs exude elegance and sophistication. Their intricate patterns and timeless appeal add a touch of luxury to any space. Pair them with vintage or traditional decor for a truly opulent look. 

  • Geometric Rugs 

Contemporary and stylish, geometric rugs are perfect for modern or minimalist interiors. Their clean lines and geometric shapes bring a sense of energy and structure to your space. Mix and match with bold colours or keep it monochromatic for a sleek and modern aesthetic. 

  • Modern Rugs 

If you prefer a more eclectic or transitional style, opt for modern rugs. These rugs often feature abstract designs, bold patterns or asymmetrical shapes. They effortlessly blend into various decor themes, adding a touch of artistic flair to your space. 


Incorporating grey machine washable rugs into your home offers both style and practicality. With their easy maintenance and versatility, these rugs are a smart choice for any busy household.  

Since now you are aware of the design tips, why not buy a rug online from our Vernal Machine Washable Rug Collection? We offer a gamut of rug selections, not only in grey shades but in other colour hues as well.  

Whether you opt for Persian, geometric or modern design in black, beige or brown rug shade, our rugs will elevate your space with ease, making them an essential element of your interior design. We offer rugs in a variety of sizes to suit every room. Some of the sizes include washable runner (75 cm X 240 cm), medium rugs (120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 210 cm) and large washable rugs (200 cm X 300 cm).  

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