Garden/Patio Rugs

An eye-catching rug will reflect your personal style and taste.  It’s a great way of tying all your furnishings together to create the perfect outdoor room.  Our garden/patio rugs combine stylish design with functionality, making them an excellent choice for all outdoor activities.  They’re light enough to roll up and take along for a summer picnic in the park, to the beach, to festivals, and on camping holidays.  Our outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles magically woven into a wool-like texture, making them the most durable choice for outdoor use.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space With Our Garden/Patio Rugs!

With our amazing collection of garden/patio rugs, you can make your outdoor spaces as warm as your interiors. They can survive the outdoors, are simple to maintain, and can even be used indoors if you want to vary things up. If you're searching for a way to cover and protect your feet from the patio, wooden decking, or grass, a garden/patio rug is a good option. Our outdoor collection comprises weather and water resistant materials, making it ideal for any outside environment or surface. Just because our outside garden rugs are functional doesn't mean they can't still be attractive and elegant, we have an amazing collection of beautiful outdoor rugs that are not only durable but attractive as well.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Patio Rugs?

Give your patio a complete makeover. Outdoor patio rugs come in every design under the sun and add colour, protection, and customization to your outdoor environment. Read further to know more about Garden/Patio rugs.

  • Let’s Know About The Placement Of Outdoor Patio Rugs! Outdoor rugs, like interior area rugs, are both durable and fashionable. You'll want to place your outdoor patio rug in a location that allows it to give both. To draw attention to a dining table or seating area, place your rug beneath it. Any crumbs will be caught as well! Another place to put your outdoor patio rug is under a grouping of chairs; it will protect your deck's surface from scratches while also defining the grouping as a single location. Alternatively, try a high-traffic location of your patio to prevent dirt from being tracked inside.
  • Sizing and Shapes of Outdoor Garden Rug. When selecting a rug shape, keep in mind the size of your outdoor space. A large outdoor rug should cover the entirety of your deck or patio if you select one that is large enough. It should be large enough to cover the front legs of all important pieces of furniture if it will be put beneath a grouping of furniture. If it's below an outdoor dining table, you should be able to take out all of the chairs while keeping the legs on the rug. The rug should, on all sides, be at least 2' broader than the table. Outdoor sitting groups can be beautifully delineated by a square or rectangular rug, while circular patio tables look lovely over round rugs.
  • Tips To Maintain A Garden/Patio Rug!

    Cleaning your rug as needed, monthly, and at the beginning and end of the season is a good rule of thumb. Garden/patio rugs should be cleaned as per the instructions given by the manufacturer as the cleaning depends on the material. Be sure to clean both sides of your rug and let it dry in the sun. It's critical to keep your rug outside during snowy or icy months if you live in a cold region. When storing your rug, always roll it up rather than folding it. If you don't have a dry, indoor area to store your rug, roll it up and store it beneath your deck or in the garage.

    To conclude!

    Green Decore’s Outdoor Rugs come in a broad range of designs, colours, and sizes. When it comes to choosing the type of your perfect outdoor rug and adding individuality to your outdoor area, you have a lot of options, from neutral tones to patterned and vibrant designs. The way you use your outdoor rug is totally up to you. For a clearly defined leisure or outdoor dining zone, place the large outdoor garden rug on a patio or decking and arrange your seats on top. Alternatively, you can place an outdoor indoor rug at the garden's entrance way to make the space feel more friendly. So, if you are looking for large outdoor rugs for the patio or garden or then you can visit green decore official website. We have a huge selection of outdoor rugs for decks and patios, outdoor waterproof rug, large garden rug and many more.

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