Black Mirrors

If you wish to have a vintage-inspired home design, a black wall mirror is the right choice. At Green Decore, you can find one of a kind decorative black wall mirrors to enhance the look of your interior.  


Black is a timeless color. Black is a designer's favorite for everything from home décor to clothing. The hue exudes drama and is bold and versatile. Whatever room in the house you use it in, black can exude a sense of polished refinement. A black-framed mirror should be one of your essential ornamental pieces. Here are some ideas on where you should place a black-framed mirror in your house:

  • The bathroom's colour is brought out by a mirror with a gorgeously carved black frame. The rich pink walls of the room are intensified by the black frame, which also serves as a pleasing focal point.
  • A Mirror with a black frame will add flair to walls that are cream in hue. The mirror is a wonderful accent item that serves both ornamental and practical purposes. It bounces off natural light from the outside and mirrors the artwork on the other wall.
  • Black frame mirrors can be hung to break up a room's color monotony. Black makes other colors stand out and is a fantastic complement to them. The mirrors provide beautiful finishing touches to the classic bathroom and offer just the right amount of contrast with the blue walls.
  • By hanging a sizable mirror with a plain black frame, a trendy vanity will gain refinement. The frame's straight lines complement the colorful geometric background rather than competing with it, and the black frame beautifully contrasts with the white window. You might initially believe the restroom room has two windows.
  • A black-framed mirror can also be used in the dining area. For this space, the designer used a color palette of white, black, and grey. The black frame adds a great ornamental accent to the wall without overpowering the entire design. The mirror creates the impression that the area is larger and more open.

To Conclude!

A black frame mirror is a stylish focal point in the space despite the chaos the brilliant colors have generated.

For mirrors, Green Decore sells black frames. To suit your style, a variety of designs are available. View the collection of mirrors by visiting the Green Decore UK website.