August 23, 2022

Why Do We Need Metal Planters At Home?

By Green Decore
Why Do We Need Metal Planters At Home?

Metal Planters are a fun, different way to display plants, and unlike ceramic or terracotta, they won't crack, chip, or shatter. Another bonus is that certain metals develop a nice patina over time.  

With on-trend metal planters, you can easily boost the aesthetics of any location, indoors or out. These containers, which are often constructed of steel or aluminium and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours, blend form with function, making them an excellent choice for commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. 

Use these planters to partition off separate dining areas, emphasise an entryway, line a pathway, or just add interest to an uninspired corner after they've bloomed with an abundance of exquisite flora. 

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of using metal planters in your décor. 

Designed For Maximum Longevity 

Our brass planters are extremely hardy, refusing to bend in blistering heat, corrode in heavy rains, or expand and break when temperatures drop. They can cheerfully survive the toughest weather conditions. 

It's Simple to Keep Them Looking Great 

Metal's lustre may last a very long time with a little extra care and attention. Scrub any scars and stains using a soft, bristles brush soaked in hot water and mild dish soap, then rinse and towel dry. Steel wool pads and acidic cleaning chemicals should be avoided since they can create deep scratches on the surface of your planters, allowing moisture to enter and causing irreversible damage. 

To Conclude! 

Thinking of giving a nature’s touch to your home? Then planters are the way to go. Decorate your home with beautiful plants and make your a nature’s paradise. Visit the Green Decore UK website and browse through the amazing collection of stunning planters.