November 11, 2022

Ways To Use a Decorative Tray the Right Way!

By Green Decore
Ways To Use a Decorative Tray the Right Way!

You adore ornamental trays but are unsure about how to utilize one after seeing them in interior design stores, blogs, and other people's homes. What do you put on a decorative tray; you might be asking. "How should a decorative tray be displayed?" or "What creative uses do you have for a pretty tray?"

To assist you in deciding how to use your decorative tray in a practical way, we've gathered some styling suggestions for trays. Our list provides some original, practical advice on how to decorate your home with a decorative tray.

  • Entrance table tray

A hallway console table ornamental tray might be the ideal catch-all, coupled with a plant and mirror. Hallway or entryway decor makes a significant first impression as guests enter the house.

  • Coffee table tray

The ideal place to put vases, plants, candles, ceramics, and other home décor items on your coffee table is a stylish tray. Style your living area with books on the coffee table.

  • centrepiece of a table

For your casual or formal dining table decor, create an eye-catching arrangement for the centre of the table. Use a popular huge round centre piece tray or a concrete wave tray for a distinctive lengthy centrepiece.

  • Perfume tray

To display your perfume bottles in your bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, or on your dressing table, use a stylish tray as a perfume display tray.

  • Jewellery holder

Display and keep your jewellery in your closet or on your dressing table, or in a stylish jewellery tray or organiser. A jewellery tray can serve as a dish for rings, a bracelet organiser, a tray for displaying earrings, or a place to store necklaces.

  • Photo prop

While decorative trays are practical and functional, you can also get them in distinctive colours and shapes that work well as photography props for sculptures and background shapes in photographs.

  • Plant tray

Store little plants on a plant tray or plant saucer in your living room or bedroom if you love plants and have a variety of indoor plants that you're running out of space for.

To Conclude!

Hopefully, this list has shown you some fresh, original ideas on how to present and embellish a beautiful decorative tray.

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