September 05, 2022

Monochrome Madness!

By Green Decore
Monochrome Madness!

If you’re a fan of monochrome home décor, Green Decore has just the right floor rug for you!  Although our Nirvana Black and White Rug has been designed for use outdoors in the garden, just like all of our outdoor rugs, this one is just as suitable for use inside your home too.  It’s a versatile option as it transforms from an outdoor rug into an indoor rug, depending on where you choose to use it.

The Nirvana Outdoor Rug in Black and White features a traditional style geometric design that adds a bold sense of style to any décor theme.  This rug, with its pattern that’s reminiscent of some of the historical eastern floor tile and fabric designs, will look great matched with classic style furnishings and décor accents, as well as with the modern styles of furniture that we’ve become used to in the 21st Century. 

The black and white design matches so well with so many other colour choices in a décor theme – whether that’s strictly monochrome, or bright, bold colours, or even a subtle blend of pastels in newer shades, shades that just weren’t possible with old-fashioned, organic dyeing methods.  Whatever your décor colour choices, adding a Nirvana Black and White Rug on the floor will provide you with a dramatic statement piece that will add the Wow Factor to any room.

Like all of our Outdoor Rugs, the Nirvana has been woven from straws made from recycled single-use plastics, keeping them out of our landfill sites and our oceans.  This means that our outdoor rugs are an eco-friendly option whichever way you look at it.  These rugs are tough enough to withstand the weather conditions outdoors, yet soft enough to provide a cozy underfoot experience inside the house too.  The Nirvana is comfortable to walk and sit on– so it’s perfect in homes with kids and/or pets.  

Because the Nirvana is water-resistant, it’s an ideal choice in busy rooms of the home where spills may often happen.  It’s easily cleaned with a quick wipe over using a damp cloth, or hosed down in the garden where it will dry in no time at all, meaning it’s back on the floor where it belongs, providing you with a truly practical floor décor.  It’s also very lightweight and can be carried easily – if it’s covered in crumbs and debris, you just need to roll it up, carry it outside and give it a brisk shake to remove the dirt. 

The Nirvana Black and White Rug is a truly versatile option, it’s easily moved from room to room when you fancy a change.  You can also take it outside in the summer months and use it in your garden seating area where it will provide the perfect finishing touch, tying together the space and transforming it into an outdoor room. 

The Nirvana design is also available in several other colour combinations, so finding the one that bests suits your style is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!  Getting hold of one of these fabulous rugs is as simple as ordering online from our collection of Outdoor Rugs, then sitting back and waiting for fast, free delivery – it really couldn’t be any more convenient!  So, what are you waiting for – head over to our website now to check out the full range of outdoor rugs to see which one you like best.