April 12, 2022

Indoor Outdoor rugs - All Collections

By Green Decore
Indoor Outdoor rugs - All Collections

Traditionally, rugs and carpets are for indoor use – after all, they don’t cope too well with damp weather.  Nowadays, however, rugs are designed for outdoor use, so that you can add extra style to your outdoor seating spaces.  This means you can turn your patio, your deck, or another area of your garden into an outdoor room, gaining extra space in your home.  

That’s all well and good when the weather is great.  But, let’s face it – the weather in the UK is notoriously changeable, often with copious amounts of rain in the summer months as well as during the rest of the year.  This may lead you to believe that buying an outdoor rug means spending your hard-earned cash on something that can only be used for a few months each year.  Nothing could be further from the truth – read on to discover what a great investment an outdoor rug can be.

 Outdoor rugs are designed to be used in gardens to add style to outdoor seating spaces.  However, that doesn’t mean they can only be used outdoors, they also work well as indoor rugs too.  Traditional indoor rugs for living rooms need to be which means they get wet – even when professionally cleaned, they remain damp for a while.  However, outdoor rugs are water-resistant, which means that they can be cleaned as often as you like because they dry so quickly.  In fact, our outdoor rugs can be hosed down and they dry almost immediately, which means they’re back in use straight away.

That’s why outdoor rugs work so well indoors, especially in rooms where spills are most likely to occur.  These rugs are especially useful in kitchens and dining rooms where food and drink may end up on the floor.  Playrooms and kids’ room will also benefit from an outdoor rug that’s so easy to clean – whether it’s spilled juice, tipped paint or just the crumbs and other mess that end up on the floor when kids are having fun.  A lightweight outdoor rug can be rolled up, taken outside and shaken to remove crumbs.  Spills are easily wiped up with a damp cloth, making tidy-up time as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Green Decore have a huge selection of indoor outdoor rugs available on our website for you to order online for fast, free delivery, making cleaning up in your home easier than ever before.