August 31, 2022

Harnessing the Warm Glow of Candlelight with a Stunning Candle Holder Set

By Green Decore
Harnessing the Warm Glow of Candlelight with a Stunning Candle Holder Set

Our Green Decore UK website has recently added a fabulous range of candle holders as we commit to providing our online customers with a comprehensive range of home décor accessories that are designed to add style to homes across Britain.  Besides our collections of rugs for homes and gardens, we’ve added a stunning collection of wall mirrors, an elegant range of planter duo sets and a range of scented soy wax candles hand-poured into votive style holders and packaged in a matching gift box.  

Our collection of candle holders consists of two different styles of candle holders, each available in two different colourways.  Let’s take a look at the complete collection.

The Modern Brass Candle Holder is a set of two candle holders, both securely fixed to a matching base which ensures stability.  Each metal candle plate (or sconce) is held aloft on an oval shaped wire form, one small and one larger so that the candles are held at differing height to add extra interest.  The Modern Silver Candle Holder is the same shape and dimensions (22cm x 10cm x 34cm) in a silver finish.  Both of these candle holders sport a contemporary design that offers an avant-garde way to light the space in a safe manner.  The bases of these candle holders are lined with a smooth felt that will prevent them from scratching or marking furniture.

We also offer Tapered Candle Holders in sets of two (large and small), in either a brass finish or a silver finish.  These Duo Sets are of differing heights, making them an ideal option when displayed alongside each other.  The larger candle holder is 8cm x 8cm x 28cm, whilst the smaller partner is 8cm x 8cm x 23cm, making them a great combination wherever they’re displayed.  

For those who like to enjoy a romantic dinner at the dining table, these candle holders are the perfect lighting solution.  They ensure that the table setting is perfect for a fabulous feast with the stylish candle holders illuminating the space, the diners and the food with the soft glow of candle light.  

When it comes to the living room, what could be better than adding a warm glow, whatever the season, with a pair of candles to brighten up a dark corner or add a pool of light on the coffee table.  The Tapered Candle Holder sets look great on a mantelpiece or on a side table where their tapered conical shapes will add a touch of glamour whilst hardly taking up any space.

Any one of the candle holder sets would be an enchanting way to add a blast of candle light to the room in an elegant manner.  They will act as the perfect foil for so many types of candles – long, tapering sticks in a colour to match the décor theme of the room, topped by a small flame that adds a magical glow to any occasion.  They can be ordered online from our website for fast, free delivery across the UK.