January 05, 2023

Cut Down on Cleaning in 2023 with a Machine Washable Rug

By Green Decore
Cut Down on Cleaning in 2023 with a Machine Washable Rug

With a brand new year upon us it’s time to turn our thoughts to how to make the most of our homes during the coming twelve months.  So many of us will have plans to redecorate and make other home improvements in 2023 as we aspire to a luxury home environment fit for a 21st Century lifestyle.  Home improvement isn’t just about everything looking great, it also implies finding quicker, easier ways to keep your home clean.  Whatever grand transformations you’re planning, one of the most effective changes you can make when it comes to reducing cleaning time is to change the floor covering. 

In recent years, many householders in the UK have opted to get rid of their wall to wall carpet in favour of a more practical floor covering.  After all, wall to wall carpet is not the most hygienic choice and if there’s a major spill the whole floor may be ruined in the space of a few seconds!  It makes far more sense to choose wood, laminate or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring for the whole floor and adopt the Scandinavian practice of hygge by laying rugs in places where you need some comfort underfoot. 

Green Decore is one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of floor rugs – both for inside the home and outside in the garden.  As the trend for rugs has become more popular, we’ve been looking at ways of giving our customers a wider range of options when it comes to floor décor.  In recent months, we’ve introduced our latest range of luxury machine washable rugs that are designed to make life easier than ever before.  Gone are the days when there’s a panic every time a drink gets spilled – these rugs can be bundled up and thrown into the washing machine to get them clean again! 

As if that’s not practical enough, these functional floor rugs have a closely woven surface that won’t trap any dust, dirt or crumbs, which means they can easily be vacuumed, brushed or even shaken off outside to remove any debris.  They also feature a non-slip backing to anchor them in place, preventing slips and trips, so adding an extra level of safety in the home.  They are ideal in busy modern homes, especially those with kids and/or pets.  Spills won’t matter and pet hair won’t get trapped in the fibres of the rug. 

There’s a huge selection of colours and designs to choose from, ranging from ultra-modern to traditionally classic – so there’s something to suit just about any home décor theme.  Each rug is available in four different size options, including a handy runner that works well in hallways and kitchens.  In fact, the different sizes mean that you can use a few rugs of different sizes in large rooms, or even carry your décor them throughout the home, with a matching rug that fits into every space in your home. 

All of our rugs (along with our other stylish home décor accessories) can be ordered online for fast, free delivery anywhere in the UK.  Why not check out the Vernal Collection of Washable Runners UK right now to see which would look best in your home?