July 10, 2023

Best Outdoor Rugs to Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces

By Green Decore
Best Outdoor Rugs to Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces

As we all know, rugs in UK homes provide a quick and easy way of updating living space without actually going overboard. Much like washable rugs for indoor spaces, outdoor rugs for gardens, decks or balconies provide comfort and elegance to these spaces.  

Garden patio rugs are well-crafted and aesthetically dynamic. They help tie the outdoor space together and define separate areas. For instance, a large outdoor rug placed in the centre of the patio furniture provides comfort underfoot. Moreover, you can place a rug to define alfresco areas and barbecue spaces.  

These rugs can be placed in various places. However, selecting the perfect rug from hundreds of rugs can be a little overwhelming. From selecting the perfect rug colour and design to measuring the size of the patio, there are various factors involved in buying the perfect rug.  

To help you decide the best Outdoor Rugs UK, we have listed some of the best outdoor rugs provided by Green Decore. Our rugs for gardens, patios and decks are made from recycled plastic materials. These recycled plastic outdoor rugs are durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, they are weather-resistant to withstand inclement weather conditions.  

Without much further ado, let’s jump onto the best outdoor rugs UK: 

  • Weaver Turquoise Blue Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug 

Checking the box of being eco-friendly, sustainable and hard-wearing, this garden rug is one of the best. Since it is made from recycled plastic materials, this outdoor carpet is UV-resistant, weather-resistant and fade-resistant. Its single-striped design adds classiness to the space, without going overboard. Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Simply hose it off or wipe it with a damp cloth to remove spills. 

It is available in the following sizes: extra large outdoor rugs (240 cm X 300 cm and 270 cm X 360 cm). 

  • Nirvana Black White Outdoor Rug 

Want to hide the damage that happened to your patio or deck? Or looking for a rug in a classic combination. Well, you’re in luck! The Nirvana Black White Outdoor Rug is not only visually dynamic but is functional as well. Its classic geometric design in black and white is perfect for someone who is looking for a simple decor option. The low pile height of this recycled plastic outdoor rug is appropriate for every outdoor space. Plus, offers easy cleaning options. It is soft underfoot and is the perfect match for bare feet. Check out the rug in various sizes: small outdoor rug (90 cm X 150 cm), medium rugs (120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 240 cm), large outdoor rugs (180 cm X 270 cm) and extra large outdoor rugs (240 cm X 300 cm).  

This rug is a fan favourite due to several reasons. Firstly, because of its classic striped design. Next because of its bright colour and finally because it is budget-friendly. This striped rug is everyone’s favourite and can be used to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. Its stain-resistant material makes the rug maintenance process a breeze. Furthermore, if you have pets, no need to worry about pet odours or collecting pet hairs, as this rug is pet-friendly. All your spills, stains or pet accidents can be easily cleaned by simply hosing the rug.  

The Nirvana Outdoor Recycled Plastic Rug in simple taupe and white is designed to brighten up outdoor spaces. Its classic geometric design adds elegance and class to the space. Moreover, it is crafted from recycled plastic materials, making it durable and perfect for eco-conscious homes. This rug is made to withstand inclement British weather. It is stain- and fade-resistant and UV resistant. This classic rug is available in 4 different sizes, perfect for outdoor spaces.  

The rug sizes include: 120 cm X 180 cm, 150 cm X 240 cm, large outdoor rug (180 cm X 270 cm) and extra large rug (240 cm X 300 cm).  

  • Nirvana Leaf Green and White Rug  

This washable outdoor rug in leaf green and white is made from recycled plastic materials. It is UV and fade-resistant. Its classic design could brighten up even the most compact garden spaces and is also affordable. This rug is perfect for harsh Britain weather. Pair this rug with shades of blue and white to create a fun atmosphere. Or with brown patio furniture to give your space an elegant look. It is available in 2 different sizes: 120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 210 cm.  


If you’ve been thinking hard about the best outdoor rugs UK and from where to shop, don’t forget to check out our recycled plastic rug collection. This collection boasts exquisite colours, designs and patterns in various sizes. We have everything to suit different style preferences. Some of our popular rug designs include geometric rugs, striped rugs, solid tonal rugs and modern rugs.  

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